Nintendo Switch

Analyst Says Nintendo Could Have Sold 7 Million Switch Units In Oct-Dec 2017 Globally

We know that the Nintendo Switch was a hot product during the holiday season. It’s not clear how much it has sold worldwide during the all-important months of October and December 2017. However, one analyst believes it could have shifted another seven million units globally over that time period. If that’s true then it could have surpassed Wii U sales in a period of ten months, which would be astounding.


  1. Of note, unlike the others in the industry, Nintendo sells their hardware at a profit, even at launch. While Sony and Microsoft were losing money for each PS4 and Xbox sold at launch in order to compete for market share, Nintendo is making money in each Switch.

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      1. No, not necessarily, theyve been working this way for a long time. Theyre just smarter this gen around. The loss was a lot smaller, so they were able to make it up with software sales. Of course, this was in its first year, Sony has since turned it all around, and they has been making profit off of hardware and software. Sony is safe, at least the PS brand.

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      2. Smarter for them, not for the end user. To me theyre bottom tier of the 3. They only have 2 games that interest me and theyre not even out. Psn is trash, and as you said, no BC. Cross play is meh to me.

        Compared to sony of last gen, they have been a lot smarter this time around.


      3. Oh please. They’re surviving on brand name alone, nothing more plus PS is Sony’s only life line while they’re going bankrupt everywhere else. Xbox only exist because slowly gamers are becoming numb headed morons forgetting how to set and support proper gaming standards and that the PC exists.


      4. You lost me at calling xbox gamers morons *yawn* come try to debate a topic when you realize that people have different taste in EVERYTHING and your way of seeing things, isnt the only way. Have fun playing with whatever box you play with.


      5. I see crossplay as a positive for gamers because it’ll widen the audience for online play and keep it interesting. However, it may be more strain for programming and servers which is to be expected regardless or crossplay or solitary.


      6. I wouldnt put much faith in IHS, theyre the same people that said that the PS3 was still being sold at a lost when Sony had already said they were making a profit. That being said, Sony reiterated that same quote a few times before and a bit after the PS4 released. Which wasnt out of the ordinary, since its how Sony has worked for a while, lose on the hardware and make it up with the software. MS is the same way. If I remember correctly though, Sony started making a profit off the PS4 a bit before it turned 1 year old.


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