Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Labo Has Had A Huge Effect On The Company’s Stock

Following the announcement of Nintendo Labo, the Tokyo Stock Exchange has recorded a considerable jump in NTDOY (Nintendo’s ticket symbol). On January 19th, a few days after the cardboard peripheral was revealed and put up for pre-order, the company’s stock had reflected a nearly 4% increase in conjunction with the previous report that the Nasdaq was reporting that NTDOY was a strong buy. Investors are elated by Nintendo, and the simplistically unique pitch of the Labo cardboard combined with the already established technologies of IR, HD rumble, and gyro/touch controls is something that they are sure consumers will buy into.

For more information regarding this recent jump in Nintendo’s stock, check out the article by way of Fortune linked below.




      1. I’m actually gona download returns on 3ds. I did leave it for a while to c what we were gettin with the switch, just TF for now so think I might do this now

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    1. It’s a building toy. Certainly nobody has EVER bought a building toy before! Completely absurd. I mean, other than blocks, and legos, and knex, and erector sets, and magna tiles, and lincoln logs, and snap circuits, and a thousand other variations of the toy going all the way back to when toys were first created, nothing like this has ever been successful before. What is Nintendo thinking?

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    2. Maybe because they’re grown men with girls under 8 that love robots, building things, and playing games with dad? Because building things with cardboard is awesome?

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    3. Nintendo has already stated time and time again that virtual console is coming but at a later date. Chill out. I’m sure it will be here later this year.

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    1. Effectively they haven’t made any money off this yet as it’s just down to pre orders which does looks like it’s off to a good start, but once it releases in April it’s whether it will continue to flourish and Nintendo can keep delivering in this area.
      Just hope it’s not too good a success and they take their eye of the ball with the games for hardcore Nintendo fans.

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      1. There are quite a few products shown in the video that are not in the playsets. There are at least enough for a second set. I think we will see at least five sets coming out. Most likely two more multi packs and two single sets (like the robot set).


  1. I would complain about something so stupid bringing in profits, but I tell myself “it’s for kids”, and I feel better. I just can’t believe anyone would try preordering these. Just wait for them to appear in stores. Or play with some cardboard boxes if you can’t wait.


  2. I feel like Nintendo Labo has two ways to end up, with no middle ground.

    Either it’ll be the talk of the Nintendo side of the industry for a week after release, be forgotten entirely, and then end up by the end of the year in bargain bins everywhere.


    It’ll revolutionize the way we think of toys in general, with new Labo opening up new and fun ways to play for even adults while providing Nintendo with tons of additional capital from a whole new section of people.

    It really depends on some factors we don’t know yet, like replacement pricing and what new sets are coming and how they disseminate the new versions of software, as what is there now seems extremely simplistic and something most kids will be tired of very quickly.


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