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Video: Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD “Scheduled For Release [On Switch] Soon”

Square Enix has a big announcement to share with gamers. A launch trailer has been released for Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, which is available to download on the PlayStation and Microsoft Store. However, it was also announced that the game is going to be releasing on the Switch. All that was said was that it is “scheduled for release soon”. Here’s the trailer:


50 thoughts on “Video: Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD “Scheduled For Release [On Switch] Soon””

      1. Or dont touch this trash version, just play a real FF on a real console.
        And if you really want to play FF trash version, just play it on the phone.
        Im surprised of how low Nintendo is going with these games, quantity over quality is their new motto apparently

      2. There’s a possibility that director Tabata is working alongside Nintendo and Epic Games are developing a hybrid port of Final Fantasy XV for Nintendo Switch. The only difference is that it will be powered by Unreal Engine 4. Tabata had said that they have tested the Luminous Engine on the Switch and the performance wasn’t very good. As much as he wants his creation to be ported for Nintendo’s hybrid system, Nintendo and Epic Games may lend a helping hand in creating the FF XV with an easy to use middleware engine.

    1. I once watched some review of this and the reviewer was pretty stunned by how they managed to pull pretty much everything of the main game off on a mobile port. So I can imagine that this game really comes close to the actual experience and might be the best you can get if you’re into FF

      1. I don’t think that will be the case here. Most of the time when you port games from mobile to console and vice versa the control scheme is tapping on mobile and analog stick for consoles. Look at The Witness. Look at many mobile games that allow you to connect a joypad and play them with sticks while you would have had to tap your way through. SE is not stupid and they understand that with Joypad as an input device they need to make a Joypad controlscheme.

    1. watch the video reviews of the mobile version. I think IGN and co did it a while ago and they were pretty impressed. It seems to really offer pretty much the same experience but with downgraded visuals and on mobile devices a controlscheme that (maybe) works there. As I wrote below I’m pretty sure they’re gonna modify the control scheme for the home consoles as you can’t tap on PS4 and XBox anyways. So if you’re interested really keep an eye on this. People are kinda hating it as it of course would be great to see the big FFXV-game to be released but I think this could actually be just as good and become one of the better RPGs for this console.

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      1. What? I am not that fat loser!

        Where’s everything you’ve promised?

        Articles about people here, lulzy among others, man if you want to be taken seriously at kf you should get your crap together.

        Also “Mr. Clean”, lol he is more like Mr. Bean.

  3. im actually gonna get the Switch version so that Square-Enix looks at the Switch and put more than just a couple of games

    1. I would love a port of Chrono Trigger on the Switch, but I would be too worried that they might port the mobile version of it. Who knows what we would have seen from SE in the Nintendo Direct. We’ll just have to wait.

  4. So (unrelated to Final Fantasy, not calling it shovelware), does the Switch have a lot of shovelware on it like the Wii? Like… REAL shovelware. Ninjabreadman or Major Minor’s Majestic March.

    1. Besides the mobile ports like this and Pokemon Quest? Riding Stable My Life looks like a genuine shovelware game but it doesn’t have too bad of a rating so I’m not sure what to think.

  5. Poor Nintendo lol always getting minimum effort from third party….I really regret giving them a second chance after the failure of the Wii U…I regret buying the switch… Just need to trade it in for a Xbox One Since I already have a PS

    1. Asshole… did you know that Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD is available now… FIRST on PS4 and Xbox One? You’re a fucking disgrace to the entire video gaming community. At least Nintendo IS getting third party support from Bethesda, Ubisoft, Take Two, Telltale Games, etc. Let’s not forget that Nintendo’s top Japanese third party supporter Square Enix had a very successful Switch exclusive game Octopath Traveler… the #1 selling game last July (source: The NPD Group).

      I’m glad that I own a Nintendo Switch and PS4 Pro. You’re just a hater who seeks attention like your pretendo boyfriend “link2metroid”. Get N or get out!

  6. wow how idiotic do they have to be to release the cell phone version? Hope this game sells like garbage so they learn that no one wants cell phone games on their HD hand held/console hybrid.

  7. Final Fantasy XV Crap Pocket Edition HD. How about giving us the proper full version? Not a chance, the Switch would burst into flames trying to run that. But we can have a chibi, stripped down, mobile port version instead. Another surprise ruined for the Direct. Not that this is a good thing.

  8. I played every FF and loved them all, but this one is souless imo, the physics ingame are ridiculous,
    geting stuck sometimes trying to explore the world (btw the open world is sooo empty its sad pretty at times, but poorly designed)

    the story had potential but the exectution is terrible, things just happen sometimes for …reasons well whatever.

    the combat system is broken, magic casting is horrible, the keep a button pressed for attacking thing is plain boring, thats a shame because I loved how some bosses looked
    Summons are a pain, even more so when compared to previous games in the series where they werent as annoying to call, and way more effective. At least their cutseens are epic.

    Characters arent developed enough and without watching the anime prequel you miss out on half of the reasons why this team could have worked.

    game took wqy too long to devellop and changing directors didnt benefit the game in the end.

    Last con, knowing square enix they will charge 60 for the switch version…

    All of this to say that pocket or not, if you really like rpgs, this game is mediocre at best so you should just pass on it and wait for Dragon quest XI in september and KH3 in spring.

    1. Thanks. This is actually a helpful comment vs all the people gasping at chibi graphics. I was on the fence on this one but I think I’ll give it a pass.

    2. I’d recommend people get FFXV in 2020 when they should be done with all of the updates, second set of DLC, etc. They should have a complete edition of the game by then for a cheap price that includes all of the DLC. (And it might be a “better” game by then, too.)

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