GameCube Title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Is Coming To PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch

Update: Kotaku has updated their original article and it’s now confirmed for the Nintendo Switch too!

Those of you who owned a GameCube will most likely remember Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Square Enix has announced today that they have been busy developing a remastered version of the game but it is only coming to the PlayStation 4. Details on the project are only just emerging.



  1. If you went to the source (squareenix japan) and not s***taku you would have seen itโ€™s also coming to switch.

      1. So it took the source of your error to fix theirs before you fixed yours. Nice cookie cutter response though. I noticed you didnโ€™t respond to my comment about going to the original source first :).

      2. “When Kotaku says its coming to PS4 and thatโ€™s that, it is enough”

        Kotaku is not a reliable source of information. They print lies with regularity and without apology. That’s why I don’t read Kotaku. That’s why I read sites like MNN.

  2. I always check here first because they always get the news out fastest…

    …at the cost of getting it wrong the most.

  3. it’s coming to the switch too, I suggest you update your post or people will get pissed off because of YOU not mentioning it’s coming to the switch

    1. No need to start insulting people just because the source was incorrect. It’s not the end of the world is it?

  4. Oh look, it’s another old port/remaster. How’s about making new games?

    Part of what made this unique was the dual screen setup between the GBA and Gamecube TV screen. This would have been ideal for the Wii U. It’s not possible on the Switch.

    I bet that was PS4 footage, expect the Switch version to run at 30fps and 720p with other notable drawbacks.

    1. I would have liked that you could have been more creative with each of your post instead of copying it from site to site.

    2. Square Enid has had no shortage of new game releases. They just released Dragon Quest XI, Octopath Traveler, FF XV is still very recent, and KH3 is yet to come. Is there no pleasing you or are you just mad that two of those won’t be on the Switch?

  5. Wow, I definitely didn’t want to create a firestorm. Didn’t realize Kotaku misreported the story as well. Glad it’s been updated. I’m still going to probably just pick up the GCN version again, but this game would be a great match for the Switch with it’s pick up and play multiplayer.

  6. Yes! I never thought this would happen but I am so happy!! It makes so much sense with the Switch and the game’s multiplayer aspect! Maybe I will finally complete the one side quest to find the princess and get a ton of gil! I remember gil was pretty hard to get in this game.๏ปฟ

  7. I remember how when playing by yourself, the chalice would be carried by a moogle. If they made that an option for multiplayer, it would make the game more fun. I wonder however, how they are going to handle the dual screen nature of the game.
    Well, here’s hoping the Switch multiplayer won’t require everyone paying full price. After all, Pacman Vs. had a free multiplayer download.

  8. Fuck yes! Definitely getting it on the PS4. I don’t trust Nintendo’s online to give me a great experience with the online part of the game. Shame, too, because I was really wanting to get this on the Switch if it ever got an HD remaster. I was fully prepared to buy it on Switch, too, since I thought it would remain an exclusive to Nintendo systems. I wonder if other Crystal Chronicles games will end up on Sony systems, too.

  9. They sure nailed those jagged edges and bad graphics. Well done with true retro graphics -10/10 no thanks this sucks.

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