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Your Nintendo Switch Needs To Be Connected To Internet At Least Every Week To Play The NES Games From Switch Online

Eurogamer is reporting that if you are a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber and want to keep access to the free NES Games you’ll need to have your Nintendo Switch connected to the internet least every week. This enables you to guarantee access to them. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people who have signed up to play online, but of course it could pose a problem for a small few. Eurogamer also says thatย the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One handle this completely differently and allow you to play offline as long as you like as long as your on your Home (default) system.


59 thoughts on “Your Nintendo Switch Needs To Be Connected To Internet At Least Every Week To Play The NES Games From Switch Online”

    1. Actually itโ€™s genius. It ensures the only people buying them will be those that are actually going to use them.

      Scalpers are fucked lol.

      1. Yeah, thought you had to talk about the controllers :P But on that note: it’s somewhat lame that they only(?) work with subscription games. Which means for whatever reason you quit/can’t use the subscription, those controllers becomes essential plastic. Need to keep paying to keep using them :P

          1. Is that 110% true? So no games on eShop could be run with A+B, D-Pad and L+R? And then again, it wouldn’t hurt if there was a way to keep some NES games without having too subscribe, so you always knew you could use those controllers.

    1. Yup, I think everyone can agree on that one.
      They like to learn the hard way; it has been their stubborn philosophy for decades. They learned the hard way with the Vurtual Boy, The WiiU and now this time… they will learn the hard way with this Online service.

  1. At least if nobody buys this, Nintendo will know what’s up and change it.

    BUT it’s only 20 a year so everyone will buy it regardless probably

    1. Maybe. But Nintendo isn’t offering much incentive to do so aside from “it’s cheap”.
      Aside from holding Splatoon and Mario Tennis hostage, there won’t be any big online games ’til Smash in December.
      I’m thinking (or at least hoping) a surprisingly large amount of people just pass on this service.

      1. Honestly, I see it as the introduction phase. I bet, at some point, they add more content but put it behind like a Top Membership with this intro settling into basic membership.

    2. Yeah, I’d say that would be a good idea. But, realistically, I don’t see it happening. $20 is cheap enough for most people to not care and Nintendo will probably see it as a success and never get rid of that smartphone app.

    1. Nailing online? I spat out my drink…. Sony and Microsoft both have things to figure out still… Sony needs to stop being ANTI-CONSUMER and stop practicing protectionism.

      1. Sure, nothing is perfect, but they are miles better than anything Nintendo is presenting. Microsoft especially has a fantastic online ecosystem, with easy to use party functionality.

    1. again nailed it the switch is nline so where is the problem here my switch is wifi conected 90% of the time so how is this a issue

    2. Because what if I go into witness protection and can’t mak any new relationships in the town I relocate to and the only way I can deal with the crippling depression is to play some Dr Mario but I’m not allowed to connect my Switch to the intetnet

    3. What if you don’t have internet for a week? Moving, outage, didn’t pay the bills, there are many reasons why you might suddenly not have internet for weeks or months.

      1. Then you’re out of luck… Who really cares. If you don’t have internet you probably have some things going on in your life that requires your attention more than the internet…. You kids these days seem to forget high speed access isnt available everywhere.

      2. The Switch is portable so just take it somewhere with with free wifi because nowadays most stores and restaurants have free wifi.

  2. Delayed the paid online service for another year and this is what we get: a half assed system. And the two defending this are incredibly fucking stupid. I guess they haven’t heard of outages that last for a week. Let me guess. You are gonna tell these people to travel to a town that doesn’t have an outage? What if the closest town not suffering an outage is hours away!?

    1. You’re kind of stupid. I mean if you can’t live without internet and video games for a day then you’re better off, offing yourself now.

      Grow up kid.

      1. Telling someone to kill himself because he isn’t putting up with Nintendo’s shitty anti-consumer practices!? lol And you have the nerve to call me a kid that should grow up. That’s funny. Pathetic, but funny.

  3. What I want to know, and what nobody seems to be saying directly if they know it is, “OR ELSE WHAT”?? What happens if I don’t connect in a week? Do they delete my account? Does the Switch explode? Do they erase the games? BY WHAT METHOD will they prevent me from playing the online games, cause how would not logging in for a week be different from logging in for the first time like a new user?

  4. So does this mean if you are offline then after a week then it doesnt work or does is mean that after a work without being connected to the internet that it wont work?

    1. It won’t let you boot the game if not connected to the net after a week. It could be worse, they could have enforced a policy where you constantly need to be online, but they didn’t.

      1. It’s likely not a cloud service…. Nintendo has not had any of their games on cloud. Sony has the same checks and balances on their PS+ games… It’s just a constant expiring timer. It’s not rocket science. Hello McFly!? Think!

  5. Overreactions to a non-problem.
    1. you dont lose the service if you dont log in for a week, you only lose the ability to play the service games (the NES games that are part of the service atm) in OFFLINE mode.

    2. its standard practice for subscription based systems and services.

  6. This very smart of them actually. The REASON they are doing this is because they have the 7 day free trial, where people would be downloading nes games and never paying for online or buying a short subscription then never pay for online again. This insures people who have paid online on a weekly basis.

  7. I think I get what’s going on. They’re letting us play all of these games for free. You’re not purchasing them, they’re just a bonus. So, by withdrawing your opportunity you can’t just dl the games you want and then never come back. Like others said itt, the switch stays connected to the net even if it’s in sleep mode.

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