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Kotaku Speculation: Nintendo Switch Online Will Eventually Include SNES Titles

The Nintendo Switch Online subscription service will land you twenty NES games at launch and more are coming each month. For now the only retro system announced for Nintendo Switch Online is the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, information which appeared online recently via Nintendo Switch firmware dataminers showed controller icons for Nintendo Switch Online. The icons discovered were for NES, Famicom, SNES, and Super Famicom controllers. When the special NES controllers were announced during the Nintendo Direct yesterday they showed the NES controller logo showing that they were in use, which is why these previously leaked controller icons have been looked at again by Kotaku. So far the only controllers that have been announced are the NES Controllers for the NES Games.


18 thoughts on “Kotaku Speculation: Nintendo Switch Online Will Eventually Include SNES Titles”

  1. I don’t think you need to be educated to make that kind of guess. Nintendo is known to sell it’s legacy content. It definitely wouldn’t have just ended at NES games for Switch.

  2. You know, when you think about it, this could end up being a great thing if it carries on. With all the games that are being added with online included, we could eventually be getting games like Mario Kart 64 with online. Granted it would take a while but the possibility is there.

    1. Smash 64 online… Mario Party 1-2 online.. DIDDY KONG RACING ONLINE

      Oh crap. Now I want it to happen so that guarantees it won’t happen now.

  3. I’m only interested in n64 and GameCube games at this point. I’ve played all the other games to death. Those controllers are way overpriced too imo, $20 each would be a good price for me.

  4. Of course it will come. Remember the controller icons that were leaked before.

    “Icons have been discovered for Famicom, NES and SNES controllers.

    This could indicate the Nintendo Switch will soon be offering support for NES and SNES Mini controllers.

    This new feature would surely go down a treat and follows on from the Wii U offering NES Mini controller support.

    Or, alternatively, it could be a sign that Nintendo have officially licensed NES and SNES controllers ready to launch for the Switch.”

    They already showed us the NES controllers… won’t be long before we get the SNES library.

  5. Does Nintendo hate the Gamecube and N64 or something? The Swtich is getting every port but from every console but those two. I wanna play Pikmin 1, 2 on the go since they not bringing up Pikmin 4. I also want to play Smash Bros. MELEE and Brawl.
    And Mario Strikers since they too focused on Mario Tennis. I want to play Banjo Kazooie, Quest 64, Bomberman 64,. I also would love to play RE0, RE1, RE4 on the Go.

    1. Now that you mention those games, I miss playing Diddy Kong Racing 64 and DK 64. I hope they eventually come to the Switch like King K. Rool came to Smash Ultimate.

    1. Well, it did perform WELL under their expectations and was the first time Nintendo was solidly out of contention for top console. So I think they have a business responsibility to avoid the Gamecube. Shoot, the console that most tried to use gamecube games and gamecube-like games to sell the system was the Wii U and that was a disaster too.

  6. Never thought I’d hear someone say they wanted to play Quest 64 on Switch. Always wanted to try that one but heard bad things all of the time from many.

  7. Lol, Nintendo always texting the waters for things that are in demand.
    Nintendo online will totally have several systems. No doubt its catalog will get other systems. I’m sure it will get
    New, snes, n64, gameboy, gameboy color, GBA, and maybe GameCube.
    I have a feeling that gamecube, Wii, Wii U, and more DS games will come as remasters.

  8. I think it’s obvious that Nintendo will eventually do other titles. I can’t imagine they’ll make accessories for each system, like the NES controllers, but I can see them putting them all on there over time. NES games are small files, easy to stream, and won’t put a lot of data load on the servers. It’s a good place to start, even if most gamers have played all the NES titles at this point. This allows them to see what’s working, what’s not, and work on fixing it before putting up games like GameCube titles that’ll take more bandwidth to stream and host.

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