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Video: Unreal Engine 4 Game Silver Chains Coming To Nintendo Switch Spring 2019

Headup games have sent out a press releases revealing that they and developer Cracked Heads Games will be bringing the studios debut title to the Nintendo Switch. The atmospheric horror game is titled Silver Chains and it runs on the state of the art and extremely flexible Unreal Engine 4. Silver Chains will be out in spring 2019.

“Using Unreal Engine 4, Silver Chains’ graphics bring to life the hauntingly beautiful interiors of an early 20th century English manor. The Victorian architecture plays its part in creating an eerie atmosphere which will keep you on the edge of your seat as you unravel the mysteries of this place.

However, do not let the exploration and story aspects fool you into a false sense of security as the horrors of this house will hunt and find you as soon as you let your guard down. Throughout its course, Silver Chains will make sure to keep a steady stream of adrenalin pumping through your body!”


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