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My Nintendo Members Can Now Receive 15 Legendary Core Crystals And More Items In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

For a limited time, My Nintendo members can indulge in a special offer featuring Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Effective now, you can buy the Nintendo Switch sequel to receive 15 Legendary Core Crystals, three Char-Grilled Grumbirds, three Crispy Blendshakes and three Clicky Clacks. If you already purchased the game, you can register your game card to receive an email with a download code to unlock the aforementioned digital items. This incentive is scheduled to last until September 30, so be sure to take advantage of it before it’s too late.



  1. I *just* picked this up again since February after getting stuck grinding for items (some stupid fetch quest for parts to make a robot that I wound up having to just buy, forcing me to sell a bunch of valuable stuff) and felt maybe I should try to continue on, so perhaps my timing is perfect?

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    1. If we bought it digitally before September 14th, we should get an email with the code. Sadly, I’m worried it might have been in the email I deleted a couple of days before they revealed this. (I didn’t read the entire email because I figured it was just one big ad email but now I’m wondering if I fucked up.)


  2. So reading the Twitter comments it looks like a lot of people (physical and digital buyers) aren’t getting the email. Someone spoke with Nintendo customer service and was told it’s a known issue and it could take a few weeks to resolve.

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