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My Nintendo Members Can Now Receive 15 Legendary Core Crystals And More Items In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

For a limited time, My Nintendo members can indulge in a special offer featuring Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Effective now, you can buy the Nintendo Switch sequel to receive 15 Legendary Core Crystals, three Char-Grilled Grumbirds, three Crispy Blendshakes and three Clicky Clacks. If you already purchased the game, you can register your game card to receive an email with a download code to unlock the aforementioned digital items. This incentive is scheduled to last until September 30, so be sure to take advantage of it before it’s too late.



  1. I *just* picked this up again since February after getting stuck grinding for items (some stupid fetch quest for parts to make a robot that I wound up having to just buy, forcing me to sell a bunch of valuable stuff) and felt maybe I should try to continue on, so perhaps my timing is perfect?

    1. If we bought it digitally before September 14th, we should get an email with the code. Sadly, I’m worried it might have been in the email I deleted a couple of days before they revealed this. (I didn’t read the entire email because I figured it was just one big ad email but now I’m wondering if I fucked up.)

  2. So reading the Twitter comments it looks like a lot of people (physical and digital buyers) aren’t getting the email. Someone spoke with Nintendo customer service and was told it’s a known issue and it could take a few weeks to resolve.

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