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Video: Nintendo Minute Does A 3 Vs. 3 Dragon Ball FighterZ Team Battle With Pros

Nintendo Minute‘s Kit and Krysta usually try out games on their own, but every once in a while, they’ll get a helping hand from some guests. Today’s new Nintendo Minute episode is an example of this. Kit and Krysta said in the video description that “we’re joined by some special guests to play DRAGON BALL FighterZ, which launches on Sept. 28 for Nintendo Switch. We have two pros, Nakkiel and HellPockets, Dmitryi from Bandai Namco and Anthony. We play 3 vs 3 to see which team comes out on top. This episode starts with us hearing from our guests, but if you’d like to jump straight to the gameplay, it begins at 5:42”. Here’s the video:


6 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Minute Does A 3 Vs. 3 Dragon Ball FighterZ Team Battle With Pros”

      1. If you enjoy them, that’s fine, everyone has different tastes but for me I just cannot stomach them, they come off as very childish and the way they act just really irritates me. I don’t wish any harm on then, if they enjoy what they do and people enjoy watching then that’s fine but they’re not for me.

  1. Just out of curiosity, do any of you who already own DBFZ on another console plan on getting this on switch as well?

    Still on the fence myself.

    1. +Olegnar
      I have no plans to buy this again especially as I bought this for Playstation 4 with the DLC. If you didn’t get it for Xbox One or Playstation 4, absolutely get it but if you did, I’d say it depends how much you’d love to play this on-the-go.

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