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Nintendo Has Fulfilled A Terminal Cancer Patient’s Wish To Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Chris Taylor, also known as SpookyWoobler on Twitter, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The doctors told him that he only has a few months left to live. Last week, he expressed fear on Twitter that he won’t be able to fight the cancer long enough to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when it releases. A little over a week later, after the gaming community spread the word of his wish to play the game, Chris confirmed on Twitter that “two Nintendo reps came down with the E3 demo of Smash Ultimate”, and he was able to “play it for 3 hours”. A local friend, his brother, and his mother were there to play with him. His tweets can be seen down below. We wish Chris and his family all the best!

Thanks to darthwesker10 for the tip.

40 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Fulfilled A Terminal Cancer Patient’s Wish To Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

  1. Happy story considering the sad circumstances… I often take things for granted and “play around” by saying things like “we’ll do this,that if I’m still alive by then” or “hopefully this,that game comes out before I die” but there are real situations where some people who love the games as much as anyone won’t get a chance to go to that midnight release or day 1 release knowing they only have a few weeks or months to live.

    We should really not take things for granted and be happy for having the chance to play that next game and just to live to see the next day.

    Cool on Nintendo for doing this and it’s not the first time. Hope they always come through like this for people who need them to provide that extra hope.

      1. There was also that time 2 or 3 years ago where a sick boy wanted to meet Reggie and the set it up and he was able to meet Reggie and play some Mario Kart on Wii U. I believe they played at Nintendo headquarters in Seattle. It’s nice to see when they go out of their way to help make someone’s day and give them more reason to fight.

  2. Good on Nintendo. I hope the guy had fun. I got a friend named Chris who lives in Canada that I haven’t spoken to in years who’s had (or rather has as it has apparently resurfaced as I found out through a common friend weeks ago) cancer in his lungs. This makes me want to reconnect with him even more now.

  3. Ya done good, Ninty- ya done good. Fuck cancer in all its forms; the sooner we crush it, the better.

    Reading this makes me think of my friend who perished almost two years ago- he was so excited for Switch and would have LOVED to play as K. Rool in Smash, being a huge fan of the original DKC trilogy.

    1. Cancer will never be crushed… It’s too big of a money maker. Do you know how much it costs to get chemotherapy? And it’s less than 10% effective as a treatment.. people scoff at natural cures like medicinal marijuana and cannabidiol oil but it is far more likely to hear cancer than injecting poison and radiation into your veins and hopes that you will kill a cancer but not yourself.

      1. Yes, I am aware, and this is why I feel that big pharma needs to be destroyed- curing a person of a devastating ailment is just the moral thing to do; to ludicrously profit off them by just kicking the can down the road with treatments that may or may not work is downright appalling.

      2. I actually disagree.
        Sure, chemoterapy makes the industry a lot of money, but having an actual cure for cancer could make the company which makes it just as much, or possibly more money than that. Just think about what they could make this kind of stuff cost, people would have to buy it anyway!
        Then, even though they could make it very expensive, just think about the amount of prestige the company would get. That can help them a lot on the long run.
        Then, there is also the fact that people would live longer, which makes them need more medicine for all kinds of future illnesses… So another way of making money, even if losing the money from stuff like chemotherapy.

        Also, just knowing very roughly how cancer works, it is pretty easy to believe that this is damn hard to cure in a save way, unless found early enough.

      1. Well… I think any negative comments like that are getting promptly deleted. I guess it’s best not to stir the pot on this one.

  4. Whoever keeps deleting comments:

    You’re not advancing in any struggles by deleting independent. But I dare you to delete this:

    Nintendo is such a wonderful benevolent company who can do absolutely no wrong. Such charitable knights! Such good boys! Yes they are, yes they are, yes they are! I truly wuv these angels! Such a sweet thing they did.

    I take back every last horrible lie I said about them and their practices. This puts them in the clear! LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV SMILIEEEEES!!!!!!!

      1. Agreed. There are plenty of other articles where people like me can criticize Nintendo and it’s defenders and where people like CFG defending Nintendo can criticize those of us upset with Nintendo. Doing it on articles about people dying or dead is just insulting to the person or people that are dying/have died. This a time to set our personal feelings aside and wish the best for the person dying or wish the best for the people who lost the person that died.

      1. The same “Nintendo fans are so ungrateful” comments, this by CGC, in context to Nintendo letting a cancer patient play SSBU (whether it be a demo or secretly-finished build) early, compared to their BS online service that won’t back-up games like Splatoon 2 and actually DELETES save back-ups with no graces period after a subscription ends (among other things).

        Good PR amongst casuals and everyone else on the planet, while still burning hardcore fans.

  5. That’s so great of Nintendo. Everything about cancer is so freaking brutal. Recently someone I knew who was my age died of cancer and all I could think off was how unfair it is that people so young can suddenly just die because cells just SUDDENLY out of no where multiple like crazy. Its so cruel and sudden and you can be like any other person hanging with friends one day and preparing for hospice next. Its so messed up and if playing games helps to take the mind off any bit of that than GOOD. The thoughts can swell like crazy and who needs to spend their final days only thinking about it, hanging in the deepest part of their minds, like they’ve sunk there watching everyone else.

    Glad Nintendo did it

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