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Rumour: A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Screenshot Doing The Rounds Shows Ken

We are drawing ever closer to the release of the next game in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate series and as always when we near the release of a new entry in the series a screenshot does the rounds online. This has been shared via social media and messageboards and shows Street Fighter’s Ken in Moray Towers. This particular character hasn’t been announced by Mr. Sakurai, but Ken could quite easily show up as an Echo character.



28 thoughts on “Rumour: A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Screenshot Doing The Rounds Shows Ken”

  1. His shading is inconsistent with the other character models right next to him. The shadows on his pecs for example are very strong while Ivysaur and Pichu don’t have shadows that are as deep as his.

    I think it’s possible Ken could show up as an echo fighter but I think this screenshot is fake.

    1. an interesting point to bring up is that there has been no in match footage of pichu, and no image released of him has him in this pose. meaning if this was fake the maker would need to create a pichu model aswell.

  2. Definitely fake. They even made sure Ken’s icon was in a position to be faded so no one could scrutinize (or more likely recognize) the render they shopped in there.

    1. FYI the rumor this pic came with included full roster, stages, assit trophies, and pokemon list. They claim to work for Prima or a place like that.

      Seems bogus for a lot of reasons… In fact, if someone can confirm Nabbit is still a stage hazard on Mushroom Kingdom U, I’d say you could officially debunk the rumor.

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  4. It’s obviously fake, you can clearly tell they altered Little Mac again.

    But seriously, spoiler leaks like this in case they’re real. The Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee new Pokemon rumor article’s a good example of hiding spoilers.

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