Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft Has Announced Sports Party For Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft remains committed to Nintendo Switch and the publisher and developer has announced a new party game for the system. That game is Sports Party. It is a brand new title and isn’t the same as the Wii game which was launched back in 2008. Sports Party is a party game collection which consists of six outdoor sports each taking advantage of Nintendo’s latest system. Here’s the details along with a trailer for the Nintendo Switch exclusive:


Sports Party will be available on October 30, 2018 on Nintendo Switch. Sea and Sun Sports are now within reach, accessible to anyone, everywhere! Sports Party takes you to the seaside where the beach meets the mountain to discover six outdoor sports. Faithfully replicate real-life movements with intuitive and inclusive controls, and get off your couch to challenge your family and friends, whether at home or on the go!

Key Features

  • Six Modern and Classic Sports: Enjoy Frisbee, Jet Ski, Basketball, Golf, Skateboarding, and Beach Tennis! Discover several ways to play each sport, making Sports Party easy to play and fun to replay! Be the fastest at hitting targets with your Frisbee, challenge your friends on 9 different golf tracks, win the race or do as many tricks as you can on your Jet Ski!
  • Fun for Everyone: From kids to grandparents, everyone is going to love the intuitive, easy-to-pick-up controls! With accessible yet challenging gameplay, the game is suitable for all ages and is great fun for the whole family. It is the perfect way to spend time with your loved ones!
  • At Home and on the GoTaking full advantage of the Switch technology, up to four players can play at home on their TV or in the tabletop mode. The handheld mode is also available with classic button controls! Have fun with Sports Party wherever you want!
  • Championship Mode: Challenge your friends and family in a championship where a player is randomly chosen each round to pick the next sport. May the best player win!
  • A Sunny Environment: Enjoy the positive atmosphere of Sports Party Island and discover idyllic beaches, the marina, cliffs and many other amazing landmarks where the crowd is waiting to cheer you on!
  • Customizable Avatars: Customize your avatar in your very own style, from skin color and beards to tops, accessories and shoes. New items will be unlocked as you progress!
  • Light Exercise: Have a real feel-good moment with Sports Party! All you need to do is pick up a Joy-Con and follow the intuitive and natural moves of the game to keep yourself active. Being healthy has never been so fun!

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  1. I like ubisoft but this game after Wii sport? No chance.
    Switch need golf game. But not another Basic golf. Switch need serious Mario golf singleplayer with rpg system!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. We PlayStation owners got Assassins Creed Oddessy and u Nintendrones get a kiddie game for casuals lol are u guys aware that Ubisoft support for WiiU outshines anything that have put on Switch? And thats a console selling waaaaaayyyy better the the failed Wii U lol….they even cancelled Steep lol


    1. Assassins creed odyssey? Is that a new game? Cause I’ve already played the 5 before it….but yea, sounds like a cool new game…


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