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Fortnite Season 6 Now Delayed Until 27th September And There’s 400% XP Bonus This Weekend

Epic Games has confirmed today that Season 6 of Fortnite has now been delayed by a few days. It was originally going to take place on 25th September, but the company has said today that it will commence on 27th September, which is a Thursday. Gamers who have downloaded the popular third person battle royale title can get a 400 percent XP bonus from now until 24th September at 8 AM ET.


12 thoughts on “Fortnite Season 6 Now Delayed Until 27th September And There’s 400% XP Bonus This Weekend”

    1. Not needed since at the beginning of the season they said those challenges wouldn’t be restricted to Season 5 and could be completed at any time.

      1. Yeah I remember hearing a couple of YouTubers mention that but this is FortNite so within the last 10 weeks surely the “dont bring back old skins” crowd have protested to change it. IDK but either way I dont really mind. Im thinking S6 is delayed until Thursday because they like to do that as the new challenges day so after tuesdays update they have 2 days to fix any potential problems. :)

  1. Kind of bummed about the delay. The only thing I have left to do for this season is unlock the last style for Ragnorok, but I suppose it’s nice for all the people who are just a little short of unlocking Battle Pass items they want.

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