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Super Mario Party On Nintendo Switch Won’t Be Playable In Handheld Mode

Those of you hoping to pick up the next entry in the Mario Party series for the Nintendo Switch, which is titled Super Mario Party, should be made aware that the game is only playable in either TV Mode or Tabletop Mode. The reason behind this is that the vast majority of mini-games featured use the Joy-Cons unique motion control. Nintendo Soup says that the following control options are not supported in Super Mario Party: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Joy-Con Pair, Joy-Con Grip.


66 thoughts on “Super Mario Party On Nintendo Switch Won’t Be Playable In Handheld Mode”

      1. I wish the Pro Controller was supported though. It has the same HD rumble, motion controls and amiibo support that the Joy-Cons have. I understand why they chose not to support it with this title, because it’s easier turning/moving around the Joy-Cons for the motion controls, than turning/moving around the Pro Controller, from a practical standpoint based off design. But still, I’m not a fan of having to use the small buttons of the Joy-Cons while playing on my TV. At first, I was going to buy Super Mario Party, but after hearing about this forced controller option a few weeks ago, it might be the reason why I skip over getting it entirely.

      Wow! I had a lot of chips on my plate and needed an enormous amount of salt, thanks man, you’re a lifesaver!

  1. Wow. One of the top first party titles and it doesn’t utilise all the features of the console.
    Not that I’m worried as I’ve skipped the MARIO party games since about 10-15 years ago when they started getting ( not so good).

    1. Its literally completely the opposite. It DOES use the consoles features and that’s why its not playable without using the controllers that allow you to use those features… the fact that this is going over people like you’s heads is beyond me…

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  3. By tabletop mode, you mean you can still take it anywhere with you but not held in your hands? That’s what I’m getting.

    1. are you kidding me are you struggling to understand this FOR REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course thats what it means F&&**^^&KING CHRSIT MAKE THESE PEO0LE, DESAPEAR

      1. Waw you really gonna reply to everyone who criticize an videogame. Kinda sad you take entertainment so serious. If you only took your school, job and family that serious, maybe you would not be so sad whole time.

    2. So the game can be play undocked, just not with the cons attached to the system. So if you take it on the go you and your sweetie pie can still play.

    1. Bro, this is every game and shit with these fanboys, this time it’s gonna be epic and bla, bla, bla … Mynintendonews give it an 7/10. BAM reality in your face. Don’t get fooled by the sheep brainwashed by marketing. Never in history was Marketing so aggressive and effective, lot’s of dangerous and mad sheep out their. Watch out bro.

      1. PS4/Switch master race

        I could say there are mad sheep on every platform. PC, Xbox, PS, and Nintendo all have toxic fans (not all of them are of course).

    1. AND THAT WAS only handheld mode WITH DIFFERENT GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SO THE SAME LOGIC applys ONLY IN REVERSE are you a retard by any chance

  4. If I removed it from the dock and removed the joy-cons from the portable unit, is that considered table-top mode? I’m OK with this news as long as there is still a way to play the game as portable in some way.

    1. It’s table top mode if you remove the joy cons and have your switch set up on the table with the kick stand.
      (Or you can use a chair and it’ll be chair top mode, etc, etc)!😀

  5. The title sounds a bit misleading. I was under the impression that you wouldn’t be able to play it on the go, despite the reveal showing it’s possible. Glad to know it’s still portable. You just gotta detach the joycon. Not a big deal.

  6. That makes no sense.
    We know you have that feature where you connect two Nintendo Switch Consoles/Screens together, and that’s when the Switch is UNdocked. So how is that not part of “handheld” mode?

  7. This absolutely sucks. I treat the system as a handheld whenever I’m playing it, so this sucks. I don’t think I’m going to get the game anymore.

    1. Because of course, the designers have some profound fixation on only letting us play the game how they want us too. Yet again.
      I suppose this example isn’t the end of the world, as it’s Mario Party, and I can’t imagine not playing this in the living room with friends over.
      But these forced gimmicks are getting oh so very old.

  8. Every game on the Switch should be playable in both TV and handheld modes. And every game on the Switch should also have different controller options. The fact that this game forces those awful Joy-Con controllers onto the player is why I’m going to hold off on buying this game. Well, that and the fact that I have nobody to play with. Which is why I usually seek only single-player games.

  9. While they could have just taken a few more months of development to allow people to turn off motion controls and use buttons and the joysticks (or just have it to where people can turn off motion controlled mini-games altogether), I wouldn’t want to play a game in handheld mode that involves me waving the thing around, either. Remember the Wiimote days where people would lose their grip and fling their Wiimote and break it and whatever it hit, like say their television screen? Same principle but it’s your entire console getting flung at the TV (or whatever) instead. All kinds of NOPE!

    1. Still, they should have taken those extra few months of development. People that don’t like motion controls would have thanked Nintendo for it. Now this will just cause less sales of the game. ESPECIALLY those that use their Switch solely for handheld gaming. So basically Nintendo is taking the lazy, cheaper, less rewarding route by just not adding such features that disable motion controls or block motion controlled mini-games.

      I’m surprised they didn’t try to claim “this is for fair play as we don’t want those not using motion controls to be at an advantage toward those that do use motion controls”, ala Kid Icarus Uprising. I guess the fair play excuse is only reserved for cloud saves. (Yes, I’m not gonna let that shit go. lol)

  10. Table top mode is the same as portable. The title is misleading and people are going only after the titles now. nobody reads the whole news. It’s impossible to play handheld anyway good people

  11. I was really looking forward to this game, and fighting with myself about wanting to preorder. So glad I didn’t No handheld mode. No full game online. Fuck that.

  12. Ubisoft “Let’s Dance “comes out every year
    but give use a Rayman Legends from Wii U to Switch without fear.

    The game came out 6 years ago,
    Why didnt they think of a sequal for the Switch so we could play a new game while on the go?

    What is up with this generation of games today?
    Complain how long it takes but Mario Tennis proves they can still release games right away.

  13. Once Metriod arrives for the Switch 15 more Mario Parties will be released to the Next Metriod after that by 2025.

    By then Pikmin 4 would be released like Twilight princess. Release it on Gamecune and Wii. So it’ll be the Switch and Some next Generation console. But Mario Tennis and Mario Party games come out so often.

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