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Nintendo Switch Version Of Dragon Quest XI Is Called Dragon Quest XI S

Square Enix has remained coy about the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI. Today, the developer announced that the title for the game is Dragon Quest XI S. No further details were shared other than the game will include full voice acting. You might be wondering what the S stands for and it means Special. Square Enix didn’t provide a release date.


21 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Version Of Dragon Quest XI Is Called Dragon Quest XI S”

  1. The S stands for $h|t. I’ll believe the Switch version exists when I see it. By the time it ever comes out, which from all accounts is miles away, the game will have been on other platforms for probably 2 years at least. The game will cost $20 or less on said platforms, while we’ll be asked to pay $60 for an inferior version. It’ll probably run and look like $h|t. There’s no guarantee it’ll even release in the West. What’s the bet that it isn’t all on the cartridge either?

      1. The PS4 version is 30GB and it didn’t have voice acting. That’s going to add a hefty chunk to its size. Sure, they can probably reduce a bit in size due to weaker graphics, framerate, textures, etc. But I doubt they’ll get it under 16GB and then we’re talking about an extra digital download because I can’t see them using a 32GB cartridge. Maybe it’ll be cheaper in a year for them. I’d say they’ll patch the voice acting in the PS4 at that time.

    1. A small team I know is working on fan translation and not adding meme words like welp etc they are using proper grammar and so far they have translated the prologue until you leave the village with the hero and they are not using the localized script either two of the members of the team are Japanese and are playing the game and writing down everything in English. And from what I’ve played this version is amazing, although that’s all the info I can provide for now.

  2. Poor mans Dragon Quest, buy a PS4 or PC if you want these games. Nintendo is for Nintendo games all the rest is to get more money into Nintendo pockets because they have nothing to offer till winter or next year for in house software. It’s a trap guys !

    1. So your advice for people who have a Switch and want to play this game is for them to go and spend £300 to £1000 buying another device rather than just waiting for a bit and getting it for £50, or whatever it will cost, and having the ability to play it portably. Sounds like the worst advice anyone could possibly take.

  3. Yes can’t wait !

    -december 2025 release (may be even later or cancelled way before that please understand 🙇‍♂️)
    -inferior 20 fps 520p version+ bugs please understand
    -S for special means they will simplify the game and remove many features for nintendo fans (they arent too good with complicated games)
    -no 3ds version for the west when it had many unique features please understand 🙇‍♂️
    -Or read between the lines and just buy it for ps4 ;)

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