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Nintendo Begins Revealing Countdown Illustrations For Dragalia Lost

Leading up to the launch of Dragalia Lost, Nintendo will be revealing countdown illustrations created by the development team. The first piece showcases the main character and Cleo, which you can check out in the image below. Service for Dragalia Lost officially begins in five days, so there’s still some time left to pre-register for it. Pre-registered users have a chance to unlock a special in-game gift if a certain requirement is met.


4 thoughts on “Nintendo Begins Revealing Countdown Illustrations For Dragalia Lost”

  1. Is this a gacha game. Where you gamble for new characters, that come with different ‘stars’. Would love a true arpg /rpg for mobile phones wich don’t use this source of revenue. Dlc would be fine if it expands story. Played a lot of FFBE and it’s a money grab or you invest a lot of time or botting. I get pretty fast addicted to such games like FFBE and fire emblem heroes and spend money. That’s why I never will play such games again.

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