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Dataminers Have Discovered Voice Chat Icons In Splatoon 2

Dataminers have discovered quite a handful of things in Splatoon 2 so far, and it seems that more can be added to the list. A pair of voice chat icons, as well as a “Voice Chat ON/OFF” option, have been discovered in the game’s files. Dataminers have also discovered a new perimeter in the game’s versus configuration, which is called “BitRateMeasureRate”. Apparently, the same perimeter was added to the main game’s configuration file as of version 4.0.


14 thoughts on “Dataminers Have Discovered Voice Chat Icons In Splatoon 2”

  1. I swear I never had issues before but since v4 I’ve been seeing “unstable connection” for like a second almost once per match… saw this a lot today during splatfest. Is this on my end or someone else on my team or other team?

  2. Buwhahaha everyone left Splatoon 2 on my friend list for FREE Fortnite Online and now Nintendo scared nobody gonna pay up for online Splatoon. Now suddenly they can add voice chat.

    You see guys if only everyone would vote with their wallets you will get an better Nintendo, but keep fanboying and paying for 4 time in your life for same NES games and guess what they laugh with you and won’t botter.

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