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Nintendo Switch Online App Installed On Five Million iOS And Android Devices

Data analytic firm Sensor Tower has revealed that the Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android has been downloaded and installed on five million devices. The company notes that statistically that is about one-quarter of the Switch’s global install base of 20 million as of 30th June 2018. The app has been downloaded the most in Japan and the United States. 60 percent of users downloaded from Google Play and 40 percent downloaded Nintendo Switch Online via the App Store. You can read the full report, here.


Thanks to darthwesker10 for the news tip!

18 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online App Installed On Five Million iOS And Android Devices”

  1. The Switch online app might of ben download a lot of times, but how many people use it fore Stats, Chat of both
    As fo me, I only use it fore Stats

  2. Waw, what an achievement, congrats Nintendo, also love Switch players have to pay for online and backup now, strange because when I play an Nintendo game on Smartphone it backs up whole game on my nintendo account for free with free online. Strange ha ? If you give a company like Nintendo control over your device unlike smartphone they sure gonna screw with you.

    The saddest are the people defending bully behavior. Should come a law that prevent this monopoly gansta behavior.

    In other words, Nintendo is very nice for Smartphone users, but loves to screw and milk you when you buy or of their hardware. If you still don’t get it all hope for you is lost anyways.

  3. At best less than 5 dollars a year

    IMO 20$ a year is not that bad but i also think they should invest to dedicated servers now that we have to pay for online play. Some people like, some do not like the NES games so it depends of the person do they add some value to the deal. It seems they will add SNES games later and maybe, just maybe even N64 and GC games with online play. That would be pretty sweet. Could be that we would have to pay extra to access N64/GC games but many would ready to do that.

    Gaming is not exactly a cheap hobby, but if someone is not that rich (like me as of now) or just wants to save some money, one can create/join a family group with anyone they deem trustful and then the yearly cost for the online service is less than 5€/5$ if there’s the maximum amount 8 users within the group. I can see that this could lead into making some friends to play with (maybe even IRL friendships). Various gaming related forums are good platforms for forming such groups in addition to actual family/IRL friends..

    I think Nintendo is being pretty fair allowing us to have this option. With PS4/XONE it’s 60€/60$ per user no matter what. Sure they offer much more than just NES games, but still again it depends of the user how much value they add.. more than NES games anyway for the majority.

    I think Nintendo is generally quite greedy, but come on if you through the hustle, you have to pay less for the online service for the whole duration of Switch’s “lifetime” than one year of PS+/XBOX Live Gold. Nintendo has said that Switch (v1, v2 and v3) will be supported for around 10 years.

    Let’s say it goes for even longer, 12 years from now (at least we can assume that the service goes on 10+ years, at what price we can’t say). 34,95€/8 = 4,36×12 = 52,43€. PS+/XBOX Live Gold for 12 years = 719,4€. 719,4-52,43 = savings of 666,97 €/$! (LOL 666). Let’s round it to 667.

    I think eventually most people will be pretty happy with the online service.

    1. Why the fuck are you confusing Nintendo with EA? They’re not as greedy as you proudly and it’s their first time of have a paid online subscription. You should take a look at Microsoft and Sony’s first year as a paid online gaming services. Things will get better as time goes by. If I were you, I would remove all the negative and think positive today for a much better tomorrow.

      1. Nintendo is not perfect

        If you did not notice, i was defending Nintendo, saying they are being quite fair with their pricing when it comes to online services, especially with the family plan option. I can gladly pay the 20 a year, but i prefer not to and i can make some friends in the process, what’s wrong with that?

        Still they rarely drop the price of their games (unlike the competition) and they ask us pay full price for pretty old (Wii U) games (unlike the competition). They are asking quite a lot for certain things (like 90$ for another Switch dock). Nintendo Labo is also quite pricey, cardboard and pretty simple games. But yeah they are not EA and i’m a fan of the big N, not a fanboy though.

      2. All companies are greedy fam it just most are discreet about it or handle business in a manner were the consumers aren’t knowledgeable and won’t notice it. In EA case their just open about it.

        Also relax i know your a super duper nintendo loyalist, but the dudes comment wasn’t even negative. It just him forming an opinion over the expenses in gaming.

  4. Does it let you chat with friends that are online but not necessarily playing the same game? I’ve seen that it allow you to communicate with players on Aces and MK8, but what if you’re on, say, NES Library and they’re on Hollow Knight?

  5. Good. I wonder how many removed it from their phone. Anyway, the less people that actually use this app, the less likely Nintendo is to ignore the fact that a lot of people hate this app for being a requirement when it should be optional. Besides, Discord and even Skype are better alternatives since you can also use them on your laptop as well as your phone and they are OPTIONAL!!

    How Nintendo can give their gamers the option in whether they play their Switch 100% home console, 100% portable, or 50/50 both yet flunk out by making the companion app a requirement no matter how you play your Switch is just asinine. Want the app to be a requirement if someone takes their Switch on the go? Sure. By all means, do it. But it’s not needed as such when you are at home.

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