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US: Amazon Seems To Be Canceling Some Daemon X Machina Pre-orders

Reports are coming in online that Amazon is currently cancelling some Amazon users pre-orders for Daemon X Machina in the United States. It’s not entirely clear why this particular game’s pre-orders are being canceled, but both Sony and Nintendo seem to have a somewhat rocky relationship with the retailer of late. The email states that the pre-orders have something to do with lack of availability, despite the game not coming out until next year.


7 thoughts on “US: Amazon Seems To Be Canceling Some Daemon X Machina Pre-orders”

  1. This why I HATE shopping at Amazon now, besides after everything I learned about the inner workings of that company I’m never giving that douchebag (Jeff Bezos) another red cent, he’s literally like one of those assholes that was whipping those orphans in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

  2. I have not pre-ordered a game in over 5 years, and seem to still get every major release on launch day? And don’t ever have to deal with Amazons mountains of bull. Local Stores are #1 in every possible way. Hell I would even sooner go to BestBuy or EB to guy anything over Amazon. They are a #1 for a reason and being kind is not that reason.

    1. If you ordered before August 18th like I did, you were to get 20% off. Now that they’ve canceled that, no one will be getting that discount anymore.

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