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Capcom Assessing Resident Evil 7 Switch To See If Cloud-Based Games Are Popular

Resident Evil 7 is available on the Nintendo Switch in Japan but it is only available via cloud streaming which currently has its limitations. Capcom says it is looking at whether it is worth producing more cloud-based games for the Nintendo Switch which would enable the company to put more of its graphically intensive games on the system.

“Sources told WSJ that Capcom is already looking at “other titles” to bring to Japan as streaming-only games. However, it’s not clear what these other games are or when they might be released. Presumably they will be ports, just like Resident Evil 7, but this is not confirmed.”

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22 thoughts on “Capcom Assessing Resident Evil 7 Switch To See If Cloud-Based Games Are Popular”

  1. Capcom. I’d seriously consider getting your A game together. Pull the resources on this and use the funds for resi2 and devil5 to make sure these games are big sellers

  2. Very interesting. at what point will our systems be just hubs to run from servers in the cloud with little or no ability to play offline.

      1. What are your credentials for making such claim?
        We are pretty much past the point where any game could be ported to a device like Switch, without sacrificing core gameplay elements.
        Switch demographic probably isn’t the one crying over latest graphical fidelity.

        1. I’m joking. But, if we’re being serious, no we really aren’t past that point. I mean, obviously any game could come to the Switch if you downgrade it and work around. But, it’s unrealistic to expect many games like that to come despite how well the Switch is selling.

        1. As the Switch struggled to run the game, it finally decided “this is my limit” shortly before exploding and setting fire to the devs eyebrows.

          It was at that moment that they decided porting the game to the Switch was not worth the hassle. ๐Ÿ˜”

  3. Maybe in Japan it could work, but not in the US. Average Internet speeds in Japan are 2Gbps, whereas the US is 1 across the country.

    Just port it Capcom. Ubisoft, save Odyssey for the next Switch and give us the classics!

  4. Some of us don’t have enough internet speed to run cloud based games. All I want from Cra… Err, Capcom is Mega Man Legends 3 and that’s about it.

  5. Good for Japan, bad for US. Until the US government stops letting companies like AT&T abuse their customers, cloud based gaming is gonna be a hard sell for video game systems over here. ESPECIALLY in rural areas where AT&T and others abuse their customers the most.

    1. Don’t worry, they will surely start selling gaming tiers to their services.
      With double the price, they promise to try not to hinder your connection.

  6. Cloud-based games sound horrific, not only for the second hand market but for preservation. Not to mention the always-online nature of streaming a game. 100% against them, regardless of any performance decreases from making a port.

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