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Revamped Version Of Classic Fantasy Game Shadowgate Coming To Nintendo Switch

Some of you might remember the classic Shadowgate. Well it has been announced today that the revamped version of the game is heading to the Nintendo Switch in the autumn. This version is based on the newer PC version but it is set to be enhanced with a revamped user interface and wheel-based command system and other new features and elements. More details on the game will be revealed soon.

“Shadowgate sees you venturing into the depths of the ominous-sounding Living Castle, where your task is to overcome various challenges and ultimately facing off against the Warlock Lord.”


Thanks to onealfgarcia for the news tip!

5 thoughts on “Revamped Version Of Classic Fantasy Game Shadowgate Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. I play shadowgate Classic on gameboy color. I hope game play like dungeon master but shadowgate is more like gremlins. No serious elderscrolls fights. Only few screen and not four side looking. After many try i complete this game and no bonus, no newgame. I disappointing from this game. I buy it Only from child stupidity and good looking case.

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