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Rumor: “Suppliers & Others With Direct Knowledge Of The Plan” Say That A New Switch Model Will Release In The Second Half Of 2019

“Suppliers and others with direct knowledge of the plan” have told the Wall Street Journal that Nintendo will be releasing a brand new Nintendo Switch model. This new model will be releasing in the second half of 2019, possibly “as early as summer”. All we know is that the “machine specs are not finalized yet”, and Nintendo is still figuring out what they want to change, but “one option is improvement on display”. For example, that would include “improving battery life”. According to the site’s souces, third-party developers “hope the new Switch would give a clear hint on what would happen on the 3DS line”. Nintendo did not make any comments about the matter.

68 thoughts on “Rumor: “Suppliers & Others With Direct Knowledge Of The Plan” Say That A New Switch Model Will Release In The Second Half Of 2019”

  1. now we’ll all have to trade in or buy for probably $900 this “new” model that probably functions exactly like the current crappy one we have now

  2. I guess those leaks about the more powerful switch were true. But bullshit move to the people who already bought switches

      1. But never this early in its life. N3ds was released 4 years after it launched. PS4 pro 3 years after it released.

      2. Never this early in its life? It’s 2 1/2 yrs and yes all companies have done this in about the same amount of time.

    1. Likely still on an X1 Tegra… Likely with the SAME specs… Likely to fix the security bugs of the X1 Tegra… WSJ isn’t a good source on this stuff

    2. when its just more power an we can run all the games. than its okay… like the ps4 pro and co.
      if you want bether graphis, sell the old one and take the new one. if it dosent matter… then keep the old one.
      i will like to have a pro switch :-)

  3. Probably the same thing or very similiar, but now won’t be able to be hacked. At least not as easily.

    1. The only way it won’t be hacked is if Nintendo decides to put a new custom processor in the new Switch. The main reason why the base Switch gets hacked so easily is because its using a stock Tegra X1 chip. Most likely the upcoming version of the Switch will be significantly more powerful than the base model because if the hacking situation played a huge role in their decision to revision it they’ll have to go with a processor that’s totally customized and different

  4. They likely want something that can run anything the PS4/Xbox One can run as they get no revenue from stuff like RDR II, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Black Ops 4, Monster Hunter World, etc. compatibility with the older switch is still likely, but texture quality/resolution/framerate/lighting would take a hit. Anyways, if they produce something that breaks a teraflop in compute docked, they are golden.

    1. This sounds like almost the exact opposite of Nintendo’s business strategy for the last 15 years. So I’m going to guess that’s probably not going to be what’s changed.

    1. Probably the same size as you’d want joy con and dock to work across the board. Don’t want people not buying it because they have a bunch of joy-con or multiples docks for their family that won’t be compatible. You can make the screen bigger by cutting into the Switch’s bezel. But yeah, I would not expect smaller.

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  6. I’m actually get a very “PS Vita Slim” vibe from the sound of things. I think this may in fact be a cheaper version of the Switch, with a few things taken away in order to actually “replace” the Nintendo 3DS XL as far as price point goes. This new model could easily go for $200-$250. We could see a different display that would be less straining on the battery maybe

    1. This is exactly what I thought. I’m remembering how the newer slim version of the Vita came with a lesser screen than the original? They gave the new one a lesser screen to save on battery life, almost exactly what is happening here.

  7. Nintendo needs to make a new dock where every cord/cable goes out the back, instead of one coming out the side and the other in the back. It’s my least favorite Nintendo console of all time as far as displaying it goes. Like right now I have to set it sideways because of the cables. And I REALLY wish that the controller had a power button instead of just a stupid sleep mode. I have to manually press and hold the power button on the console itself every time I turn it off. OH, and they seriously need to add a bigger storage.

    But even if there’s any improvements that I like, I won’t be able to benefit from them because I already own a Switch and can’t afford a second one.

      1. Well, I worded some things wrong. I meant that the USB plugs (which I have my Pro Controller plugged in) are on the left side of the dock, which causes me to have to keep the whole thing sideways. But if those USB plugs were on the right side instead (or somewhere on the front), I could probably keep the dock in a normal horizontal position. I’ve had more trouble finding a permanent spot to set the Switch dock than with any other Nintendo console due to the overall odd design.

  8. Just give me a powerfull home console that plays actuall triple A third party and ill buy a Nintendo again for the first time since the WII , I don’t give a crap about the portable part so to me thats wasted resources that they could have spend on other things with this console. I love Zelda and Metroid but not gonna splash this much money for 2 games and maby next years Pokemon if it’s actually a reboot like breath of the wild with big open worlds and online support like mmo’s.

      1. “Just give me a powerfull home console that plays actuall triple A third party and ill buy a Nintendo again”

        You already have a machine to do that with presumably, so why do you care?

        ” I don’t give a crap about the portable part so to me thats wasted resources that they could have spend on other things with this console.”

        And to others, what you’re asking for would be wasted resources trying to make yet another PS4/Xone clone. Believe it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around what you want.

        “I love Zelda and Metroid but not gonna splash this much money for 2 games and maby next years Pokemon”

        Good thing nobody does that, and they play a ton of other games on the switch too. Just because you’re not much of a gamer and only play the absolute most popular titles doesn’t mean that’s true of everyone.

        “Other than that this console is another big F U to the core gamers that made Nintendo great in the 80’s and 90’s when nobody else gave a damn about video games.”

        Hate to break it to you friend, but the NES was underpowered for its time too. You’re clearly not really old enough to claim membership in the generation you’re talking about. Power doesn’t drive the game industry. It never has. Go through the top 5 best selling consoles of all time and not one of them was the most powerful of its generation.

      2. Yeah no. The people you refer to (I’m one) generally care more about gameplay than fancy graphics. Nice try though, the Switch is great.

  9. One of 2 things. A possible portable mode only so the switch can be purchased at a lower price OR a version that’ll keep up with the latest power outputs of competitive consoles.
    Hopefully the latter released with a mind blowing MP4.

  10. Yes!!! I hope for better, tougher, pro model or handheld Only model :D instant buy. Hey nintendo, i need bigger screen and better battery ;)

  11. For me no problem Pay 500euro. Little babies and childs play mobile and tablet free to play trash. Serious consoles must price more. Higher price, maibe better hardened Plastic ;)

  12. I’m actually hyped about this. It’ll have been 2 and a half years by then. Good time to update the model for sure.

  13. If they do (which I hope they don’t) remodel it, I’m hoping for it to be twice as powerful and have a 1080p screen, all game run in full res and 60 fps and more colour options lol

    Nintendo have never done a remodel barring the Wii mini lol

    1. I think you’re forgetting about the DS family of devices? From memory I think there have been 4 different model iterations.

  14. If they come out with a new switch, it better be like “switch pro” or “switch profile”
    That said things i could see it having.
    1) improved performance with updated chips.
    2) OLED display (which dues take less power, and could add HDR support to its native display
    3) cameras?
    4) a better disign, specifically a second usbC port for charging , and a better kickstand.

    As far as general hardware I thinks that about it that needs updating.

  15. I think they should do tue same with 3DS. Just make a 3DS HD with OLED displays, HD cameras, and a better chip set. Maybe no more “new” first party games. But let developers release update patches.

  16. Really, who’s still wondering about 3DS? It’s been obvious what’s happing since E3 2017 when Pokémon was announced for Switch, lol.

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  18. Its a hardware security patch with very slight revisions like maybe improved battery life or slightly better CPU and GPU performance.

  19. The fact that the headline that it’s just a rumor and not official is not interesting to me, all rumors seem to dead beside the ones that are/were 100% legitimate. Taking this with a small grain of salt.

  20. People here are expecting a stronger Switch but this line “hope the new Switch would give a clear hint on what would happen on the 3DS line” makes me think otherwise. Sounds more like they’ll make a smaller, weaker (well maybe not weaker but it won’t be an increase in power, either) Switch that is stronger than the n3DS/n2DS with an attachment that protects the screen to make it more portable friendly and see if they can finally put the DS line to sleep like they did the Game Boy line over a decade ago. Sure they aren’t making as many games for the handheld but they are still supporting it (even if said support is more along the lines of showing pity for a dying person.) This Switch would still act the same as the regular Switch but it will come with it’s own specialized dock to account for the smaller size.

    1. I hope I’m wrong, though, as I’d love a Switch “Pro” with better performance, better internal memory, a built in ethernet port, and more features than just being an upgraded Gamecube system menu where it’s there simply for the system settings, memory card access, starting a game up, and a shop for digital purchases. But as cronotose said, that’s just not Nintendo’s style to make a better system with a vastly improved UI and other improved features. (The “New” 3DS/2DS were not vast improvements on the original systems but were actually just slight improvements to allow for better virtual console support and a slight upgrade to performance (like shaving off a few seconds for load times); least that’s been my takeaway from having the n3DS for the last few years as it honestly doesn’t feel much different from the base model.

    2. What I want from a new Switch would be:

      -A better display (the one on the current Switch is very reflective in sunlight, bleh)

      -More internal storage

      -Bigger and more efficient battery

      -More power (of course)

      Even if all they do is bump it up to docked speed in portable mode with a more efficient cooling solution so it can handle it, then even that would be a considerable upgrade.

  21. I could go for a newer better Switch. Why not? It’ll almost be 3 years by then so it’s not a big deal. Some ppl are saying it’s to soon but it could be worse.. look at Apple. Selling the same phone slightly upgraded at a premium price (costing 2-3 times more than Switch) and doing it yearly. Some people buy the latest phone every single year 😳..

    I didn’t upgrade to PS4 pro but would probably consider a new Switch if it helps games like Breath of The Wild run better. I would definitely do it if Metroid Prime 4 was boosted by it as opposed to the OG Switch. My kids could have my original Switch 😋

  22. It’s always funny to me when people complain about this, but I didn’t really see any complaints about the PS4 pro or the Xbox One X. Why is it okay when everyone else does it? Plus, the Switch needs a hardware upgrade if it’s going to keep up with the competition. As great as the Switch is, it’s still underpowered, so a little upgrade would be nice.

  23. I’m all go for an updated switch if it has the following:

    1. a better display that is a bit larger in terms of removing that bezel thing around the screen.
    2. improved battery life. a new display may help with that.
    3. and performance, if they can get to 1080p at 60 fps locked down either docked or hand held. That and improved draw distance, anti-aliasing and boom, zing, tiss… automatic buy for me!

    Other than that, things like a larger internal storage system does not bug me too. There aree SD and microSD cards that can handle that.


  24. If this revision is better enough to the point of having the possibility of third party games being able to run on the revision but not the original, this is too soon an update for such a pricey system. 2.5 years is just simply not long enough. The Ps4 pro waited 3 and that was a bit soon since they were 400$ but Nintendo should at least wait that long.

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