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Kotaku: Telltale Is Looking For Another Company To Finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season With Former Telltale Employees

Developments for the fate of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season have been all over the plac.e. The latest comes from Kotaku, where the site has received word from “two people with knowledge of ongoing discussions, speaking anonymously because they were not authorized to talk about the negotiation”, that Telltale is turning to another company to help finish the last two episodes. The company will “hire former Telltale employees on a contract basis to finish the game. It would be that company’s name on the paychecks, one said, and not, both claimed, a case of Telltale getting additional funds and spending it on development rather than paying severance to recently laid off employees”.

A former developer told Kotaku that “it would ideally be the entire original team but could also be as few as would be absolutely required to get the remaining episodes out the door”. However, the negotiations will need to move quickly. A former developer said to Kotaku that “it’s unclear who will still be available as ex-employees race to find new jobs. Many of those who were laid off last month, who had no warning and did not receive any form of severance payment, don’t have the luxury of sitting around waiting to see if they eventually get a phone call”.

Kotaku’s sources said that “the third episode is already nearly finished”. In fact, they say that the game is currently scheduled for a ratings review. As for episode 4, it is also on the way. The current status of the episode, according to the sources, is that “a first round of voice work for the main characters is already recorded and a first review of a playable version is planned for sometime around the end of September”.



  1. Here’s hoping that this ends well for those employees. If they’re lucky some of them could go from contract work to hired on permanently at whatever company potentially picks this up.


  2. I’d actually love it if Nintendo hired a bunch of these former Telltale guys, made a new developer team at Nintendo and fill it up with them, and start having their own line of heavily story driven games. Oh and let them do their own thing with very little interference from the higher ups at Nintendo. Let them make games ranging from E (if they want to make an E game here and there) to even M. Nintendo needs more variety in their library that isn’t all games for teenagers to children and is more story driven.


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