EA Decides To Remove Cristiano Ronaldo From FIFA 19 Social Media Channels Due To Rape Allegations

EA has taken the step to remove images of Cristiano Ronaldo from the company’s FIFA 19 social media channels. The footballer is facing accusations of rape and EA says it is monitoring the situation. Cristiano Ronaldo features as the cover star of the latest FIFA game which is available right now on the Nintendo Switch.

EA called these allegations “concerning” and said that it’s monitoring the situation. “We have seen the concerning report that details allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo,”

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  1. If it’s just the one and they settled out of court, this could have been a waste of EA’s time. Besides, even if many think he’s guilty, it’s not like EA is gonna be hurt by more bad press. They cemented themselves in a position where they can treat their customers like pure garbage (some would argue they already do just that) and still sell millions of games of each yearly release of Madden & FIFA. 2-3 years ago, I’d have said also a new Star Wars game every year, too, but after the last two Battlefront games, The Last Jedi & Solo, that’s not a surefire success anymore. The anger for those last two films alone has shown the ones that liked them are in the minority. (Including myself as I enjoyed TLJ and Solo. Of course, I tend to enjoy even crappy movies (like Super Mario Bros The Movie and Doom) so my opinion is biased.)

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