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Video: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Gameplay

Grasshopper Manufacture and Famitsu have teamed up to show some fresh gameplay from Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes which launches early next year. The footage was shown in a live stream during which director Goichi Suda was present. The latest No More Heroes themed title is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and will arrive on the 18th January 2019.

11 thoughts on “Video: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Gameplay”

  1. ighhh…
    sorry but this game looks aweful.
    i guess number one on the wii looks bether. it realy looks like a shity wii game. the same is with fear effect on ps4. i mean fear effect had a different angle to play, like no more heros 1&2.
    i dont think the game sell well… less sales than the first two.

  2. I sure hope they aren’t using this spin-off game as a “Let’s see how well this game does before we do a mainline *insert name of franchise here* game.” because this doesn’t look that great. Nintendo did that with Chibi-Robo and look how that worked out.

  3. As much as I luv NMH 1&2 I will not be purchasing this game, I need to be impressed and this isn’t doing a good job 😧😩
    Let’s hope they’re secretly working on NMH 3

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