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Warriors Orochi 4 For Nintendo Switch Launches Today

Koei Tecmo is celebrating today as Warriors Orochi 4 is now available on consoles as well as PC platform Steam. Warriors Orochi 4 features a staggering 170 playable characters, which the team says in the most in a hack-and-slash video game. Here is what you need to know:

Set in a world on the brink of chaos, players can experience the action through the eyes of 170 characters as they hack and slash their way to uncover the mystery behind the evil threatening their land. The re-assembled heroes from across the DYNASTY and SAMURAI Warriors universes are faced with yet another battle; the god of gods, Zeus, has meddled with the human realm to create his own parallel world. The heroes need to uncover the mysteries behind their current predicament and return back home; and finding the eight Ouroboros Bracelets is the key to their safe return. Throughout the warriors journey they discover that these bracelets possess great power and decide to use them to their own advantage, with some individuals using them for their own hidden schemes.

The players can now experience the inaugural appearance of magic abilities, allowing characters to wield phenomenally powerful and visually impressive attacks against their most challenging foes. These new-found powers come from the gods’ most divine artefact; the Sacred Treasures. In this distorted, merged version of their worlds, all warriors are unexpectedly gifted with a Sacred Treasure that fuels their spell-casting attacks. Alongside their legacy moves and special attacks, they can now cast ranged and targeted spells, or even combine their powers with those of an ally for truly devastating blows thanks to the return of local couch co-op and online play.

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8 thoughts on “Warriors Orochi 4 For Nintendo Switch Launches Today”

      1. Think I’ll opt for the Switch version of this when I get around to this game. I love 3 Ultimate on PS4, but I think I’d trade it for portability this time especially considering these games aren’t really that visually appealing anyways.

    1. I want to buy it, but not as badly as pokemon 2019, team sonic racing, super smash bros, saints row 3, or even new super mario bros u deluxe. My first game like this one was dynasty warriors 3 for ps2. I have hyrule warriors, one piece pirate warriors 3 and fire emblem warriors.

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