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Nintendo Switch: As Of This Week – Over 1,200 Games Released In Europe And Over 800 Games Released In Japan Since System Launch

Statistics have emerged on Twitter which reveal that in Europe over 1,200 games are now available on the Nintendo Switch platform, which is incredible. Japan hasn’t fared too badly either as over 800 games have been released on the system. This just goes to show that there’s something for everyone on the popular device from small independent titles to the heavy hitters from Nintendo.


51 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch: As Of This Week – Over 1,200 Games Released In Europe And Over 800 Games Released In Japan Since System Launch”

      1. Well Microsoft and especially Sony has a majority of these games as well. But the portable nature of the Switch makes a lot of people default to that version.
        If I’m playing an indie game. It’s going to be on my Switch.

        1. Hater? Just because he’s not a Nintendo sheep like some people doesn’t make him a hater. Don’t assume because someone is critical of Nintendo or it’s fanatics that they are automatically a hater of Nintendo. If anyone is pathetic, it’s the people that worship Nintendo like they are some kind of god that’s beyond reproach. It’s a company made by imperfect human beings just like the rest of us.

      1. I don’t worship Nintendo like a God. I absolutely hate a lot of their decisions (YouTube policies, the underwhelming online service, etc.).
        My previous comment was because he disliked that Nintendo fans were happy for the games. Let them enjoy their games, a lot of them are awesome.
        Also, I have a PS4. RDR 2 is awesome and I’m excited for RE2 Remake.

  1. That’s great news, although I wish there was a bit less filler indie titles appearing each week. I own 85 games (including 5 AAA cartridge games) and most of those games are good or great. Well done Nintendo!

  2. Like the Wii, only a handful of those games interest me: 4 games already bought on my Switch with around 5 in my wishlist.

    That said, anyone still saying the Switch lacks games as a fact & not as a personal opinion is just a troll at this point. It’s okay if you say it lacks games YOU PERSONALLY are interested in, though. With only 4 bought and around 5 currently on my radar, the Switch definitely lacks games for me. Fortunately, Nintendo systems stopped being my main around 3 years ago when I got my first PS4. Maybe if the Switch had came out sooner… No matter. Perfectly happy with my PS4 Pro, n3DS, Switch, Steam account, Discord which now has it’s own store, and XBox account (for if & when I get an Xbox.) When one is lacking a game I want, I got 5 other platforms to choose from.

    1. Yeah, I find few games I enjoy much on Switch nowadays. It’s alright having other options. Xbox is okey, but a PC is just… better now. So few console exclusives there. That said if you don’t have a PC, Xbox One X is quite an alright system to have with it’s backward compatibility!

      1. PS4/Switch master race

        I’m considering buying an Xbox One X for the third party games and use the PS4 and Switch for exclusives.

        1. Not a bad idea. PS4 has it’s fair share of exclusives both from themselves and from 3rd parties that you could easily get your money’s worth out of the system. I wish I had thought of that plan back before I started buying so many multi-platform games on my PS4. There’s a couple of games I got on my PS4 that probably would have felt more at home on the Xbox One like Hellblade (made by Ninja Theory who are now owned by Microsoft) & The Witcher 3 from a franchise that use to be exclusive to PCs.

          1. I’d love to have a One X right now. I don’t get most multiplats on PS4 since I plan on eventually getting back to PC where I’d prefer to play. But, that console would’ve filled the gap. Ah… Oh well.

            1. If Rare Replay wasn’t exclusive to Xbox systems, I honestly wouldn’t bother with an Xbox One and just stick with Steam and Discord for games; once I got a capable laptop or desktop with the latest iCore chip, that is.

              1. When the next generation of consoles drop, I’m probably not even looking into getting one until years later, maybe not even at all.

                PC just offers far more value to me. My Steam wishlist is bigger than all 3 consoles combined. I’ve been messing around with different possible configurations for when the time comes. It’s a lot of fun. Hope you get into it one day. :)

        2. DONTNOD’s Life is Strange games and Vampyr might have actually felt more at home on that system, as well. (I don’t know why I feel that way. Maybe it’s to do with the fact these games seem more American in nature. ESPECIALLY Life is Strange 1 & 2.)

        3. That a very, very good option. If you can buy a PC instead I would tenfold recommend that, since XbX CPU is still quite slow and will hold back many games from achieving 60FPS.

    2. @ Infinite Ridley,
      I now have 20 games (physically) on the Switch, but only properly played two of them (tested a couple others). If it wasn’t for being a collector (and just wanting to build my Switch library), I wouldn’t have even THAT much. I bought most of them because they were only $30 or less. My PS4 is where I spend all of my serious game time lately (and money).

      1. Same when it comes to game time. 50+ games (possibly over 60 by now) on my PS4, 4 on Switch, around 20 on PC, & around 20 (maybe 30) on n3DS. I’d say all physical, but after the fire, I’m sticking to just digital from now on. Less stuff to grab if another disaster ever happens.

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