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The Official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter Is Celebrating The Game’s One Year Anniversary

One year ago, Super Mario Odyssey released on the Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the occasion, Nintendo has posted a special tweet that appeared on the game’s official Twitter. The tweet contains a special gift with all the characters, including Luigi, dancing to Jump Up, Super Star. We’ve included the tweet for you down below, so feel free to check it out.

17 thoughts on “The Official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter Is Celebrating The Game’s One Year Anniversary”

  1. Jump up, Super Star was the most majestic theme in the entire game.
    I would revisit New Donk City from time to time just to hear it again.

    Yes, it’s THAT amazing of a track.

    1. I have to agree with this a bit jump up super star has a little bit to do with the game but not too much the parts that talk about romance and journey are the only things that fit with the game, the whole song is base on the history of Mario adventure,more than that his song doesn’t have a lot to do with the game

    2. @cronotose,
      Probably not as unpopular as MY opinions. Super Mario Odyssey was the most boring out of all major Mario titles (to me). From beginning to end, I just wanted it over with. Even the ending wasn’t worth it. Mario and Peach should have gotten married. Instead, Peach acts like a snob and walks away. Why does Mario even bother with her? It made me realize that I’m not really much of a Mario fan anymore. Aside from Mario Party etc.

  2. Response to above image:

    Nintendo, why are you trolling us? Mario and Peach are hardly that close, especially after the ending. Besides, he’s better off with Pauline anyway.

    In short, I’ve lost interest in Peach as a character.

      1. Pauline worked hard for what she had and became mayor to a metropolis.
        Peach is just some blue blood who was born into royalty and just bakes cakes and vacations all the time.

      2. If Pauline was really on bitter terms with Mario after the alleged breakup (seeing two sprites early on in the video game industry tells us nothing of what went on in their romance), why on Earth would see throw him not one, but TWO festivals (and one on the freakin’ moon of all things).

        It more than makes up for what Peach did in that game.

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