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Japan: Auction Reveals GameCube Wii Remote Prototype

A Japanese auction site has revealed that Nintendo worked on a prototype Wii Remote for the Nintendo GameCube console. Presumably it was used to test the concept that the company had before it produced its 2006 phenomenon, the Wii. While some of you might believe this to be a fake, WayForward game development director James Montagna stated this is indeed legitimate as he saw one when the Wii was dubbed Nintendo Revolution. The prototype was sold for a meagre $663 and will probably be sold on for a lot more.



8 thoughts on “Japan: Auction Reveals GameCube Wii Remote Prototype”

  1. And to think that people believes that those ideas came form Iwata when in fact Nintendo was experimenting whit motion controls before Iwata was in charge. Factor 5 was experimenting with motion controls for star wars rogue leader.

    The DS was created because Yamauchi insisted about the double screen too, people give him little credit. I am not trying to say that Iwata stole ideas, no, after all he was responsible for adding wi-fi and camera to the DS.

  2. The nunchuck was supposed to go in the BACK?

    Hard to believe. There are people who actually passed up on the bongo drums. Imagine having to give this thing a chance.

    1. No, the same way it does now, next to the gamecube connector wire, there’s a port for the nunchuck’s cable.

      1. Funny, it looks like the same plug you with see for a broadband adapter, which I got confused with the LAN adapter.

  3. I wonder how people get these types of things. And it didn’t even sell for all that much… It could make a good turn around on a much more popular place like eBay. Maybe upwards of 5K, especially now that it’s gotten so much press.

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