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Bethesda: Fallout 76 “Wasn’t Doable” On Nintendo Switch

Bethesda has stated that a Nintendo Switch version of Fallout 76 wasn’t possible on the platform. Speaking during a PAX Australia panel, Bethesda’s marketing executive Pete Hines says that the company plans to continue supporting Nintendo’s latest platform and says that if any of their games are doable then they will bring their titles to the system.

“I can say with certainty that [Nintendo Switch is] a part of every conversation with every dev we have now about what we’re doing going forward, because we consider it to be a viable platform,” Hines said. “If the game will work on it, we want it to be on every platform possible. Fallout 76 is not because it just wasn’t doable.

“But honestly, there is no game in development that we haven’t had a conversation about [bringing it to Switch]. ‘Does this work on the Switch, do you have a plan for the Switch?’ What we have seen compels us to say, ‘[Switch] is a viable platform for the kind of things we do going forward. Everything we do has to be developer-led, but it’s something we want to make sure is on folks’ radar.

“I enjoy us being seen as the third-party leader in terms of supporting Switch,” Hines added. “People go, ‘Hey, you’ve got a lot more stuff [on Switch] than this publisher or that publisher.’ That’s what I want Bethesda to be known as. We’re guys who will take some risks.”

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19 thoughts on “Bethesda: Fallout 76 “Wasn’t Doable” On Nintendo Switch”

  1. So, is it not doable because of the switch’s hardware limitations? That’s a possibility.

    Maybe it isn’t doable because of the switch’s online issues? Since this game is an online game, maybe the switch doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to support it.

    Either way, even though people who are interested in this game will probably have access to the other platforms it’s on, this is still disappointing.

    I really wish the switch was a bit more powerful (not saying it has to be on the Xbox one X’s level) so that it can get games to it easier, and be better future proof. I also wish the switch received discord, YouTube, etc. I know Nintendo doesn’t want to focus on that and wants it to be an “all game system” but it’s a bit disappointing to me.

    1. Yea in comparison to other consoles I agree it is not very future proof in regard to more demanding third party titles. Im happy with it so far though there’s plenty to play and plenty on the way but I do hope for a mid cycle refresh bringing it closer to Xbox one power.

    2. The Switch is powerful enough. The problem with modern games is that they are programmed by completely untalented and unexperienced programmers. That’s why most 2d indie games run like shit on the Nintendo Switch while they run perfectly on PS4 and Xbone because the abundance of hardware power can make up for awefully inefficient code. Same is true for AAA 3d games. If you disable all fancy graphics effects you have a game that looks like a ps3 game and that can definitely run on the Switch. But the problem is the inefficient code that runs on the CPU which you would have to rework completely in order to run smooth.

    3. In my opinion, The Switch would have easily reached the levels of an Xbox One… If only it had 8gbram instead of 4gb.
      For what it’s worth, switch is cool but just imagine all the games switch owners have missed out on due to power/ram limitations.

  2. And that is what Switch is, even for the company that supports it the most: “People go, ‘Hey, you’ve got a lot more stuff [on Switch] than this publisher or that publisher.’ That’s what I want Bethesda to be known as. WE’RE GUYS WHO WILL TAKE SOME RISKS.” Having the top games will take at least one home console generation more, downgrading them is not helping. At least everyone should make more exclusives :(.

    1. Not every company sees exclusives as a viable business… Most of them want to go the route of activision blizzard and ea and use the gaming as a service model… But that goes against the systems exclusive model… Only a few Japanese companies and even fewer western companies, and Indies will bring exclusives Now.

      I think the decline of 3rd party exclusives is a bit degrading for the industry though

      1. Most American video game companies or Japanese companies with a lot of American tendencies tend to care more about the money than making great single player games. They can make more money by making their games multi-platform and with a ton of online only content than they ever could with a game exclusive to one system.

  3. Kinda expecting “but but panic button” comment for someone to use as a false narrative to claim that every current gen game is possible on the switch simple cause they got doom and wolfenstein.

    I do believe the switch is powerful, but I feel it’s powerful in it’s own right. Realistically there are games on the switch I expect and games I don’t.

    That being said this game was hella unoptimized even on the other consoles and PC. So even if they got it running on the switch that shit would probably play like a power point presentation.

    1. I think even Panic Button would have a hard time with porting it even if they got Nintendo involved with all their compression magic and their online infrastructure.

    2. Because Doom and wolfentein are not on big maps, but all inside, so it’s easier on the hardware to render small rooms full of gameplay and art.
      Monster hunter used same tech. every part of the map is really just a small world cube.

      If third party really want they have to remake the game for open world like Zelda on Switch hardware, but who the hell is gonna bother with that ?

      The sales aren’t that great only good for some extra cash grab from older games and re sell them back at new price (diablo 3 price is pathetic )

      That’s Nintendo for you, enough people warned you many times last year, it’s a Zelda, Mario console only and be happy you get more. It’s like getting a sub on Disney channel and complaining Disney doesn’t show Game of thrones on their channel.

      Nintendo made hardware for their games, don’t like Nintendo games and want play Read dead and call of duty, well you kinda stupid because it’s pretty obvious you need a PS4 or Xbox.

      Cheap *ss kids expecting for 200 bucks mobile Nintendo console to cheap out and run it all.

      Stop beign cheap and buy a HDR tv with PS4 and Nintendo Is for Zelda and mobile poop.

      Get used to it !

  4. The Switch has done a good job at getting so many games. If it continues to get some good to great games, it could be a modern GameCube. The GameCube didn’t get every multiplatform game, either, but it was well loved by most and did moderately okay with what it got. If Switch makes it to 30-40m & stops there, that’s okay as long as the games continue to come.

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