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Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn For Nintendo 3DS Is Being Developed By Good-Feel

The Australian Classification Board has published a classification for Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn which is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Some of you may have been wondering who is developing the port and the listing has revealed that it is none other than Good-Feel, The game is scheduled to come to Nintendo’s dedicated handheld in 2019 and has been given a G rating by the Australian Classification Board.


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!


7 thoughts on “Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn For Nintendo 3DS Is Being Developed By Good-Feel”

  1. Nintendo Is missing opportunities releasing these remakes for 3ds and skipping switch. Hopefully they port them over at a later date. I don’t play 3ds anymore but would gladly buy this and Luigi’s Mansion if they were coming to switch.

    1. The sad part is, it’s likely going to tank in sales like every other release for the thing has this year. Wario couldn’t even crack the top 10, Pokemon continues to be the highest selling game for the system, and Switch is about to get its first Pokemon games meaning sales for the 3DS are going to continue downward- even Nintendo’s CEO said they’re continue to push evergreen titles, which at this point seems idiotic, because who in their right mind would choose the 7 year old 3D Land over the 1 year old Odyssey?

    1. Even though some will say ports like this from 2nd and 3rd parties don’t. Keep in mind Zelda was so large it required extra help to be done, so all the people who could have been helping on these games aren’t and are instead remaking games no one asked for on a system no one plays anymore (for those who argue they do, a 65% DROP year-on-year says otherwise).

  2. I hope they make a sequel to Kirby’s Epic Yarn some time. I’d love to see what they could do with the Kirby concept from the ground up.

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