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Rumour: Dataminer Discovers Possibility Of Diablo III: Eternal Collection Amiibo

A dataminer on Reddit has discovered that Diablo III: Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch’s source code mentions two Diablo III: Eternal Collection themed amiibo figures. The game supports three types of amiibo – a generic Nintendo amiibo, and two others which are apparently the Treasure Goblin amiibo, and Demon amiibo. Blizzard and Nintendo have not announced any additional amiibo based on the Diablo franchise so we shall have to wait and see what comes from this. Here’s what justMako published:

Based on datamined information from the Switch version of the game Diablo 3 will support 3 types of Amiibo:

  • Default/Generic Amiibo

  • Treasure Goblin Amiibo

  • Demon Amiibo

The first two will spawn a portal leading to some location (controlled by server so can’t be datamined) while the demon amiibo will spawn a powerful demon on the map. To prevent abuse, there’s currently a cooldown on each type of the summon:

  • 22 hours (1320 minutes) for portals

  • 45 minutes for demons.


6 thoughts on “Rumour: Dataminer Discovers Possibility Of Diablo III: Eternal Collection Amiibo”

  1. Off topic, but this reminds me that after the Smash Ultimate Switch bundle comes out (Nov 2nd), there will likely be a big datamine/leak of info because there is a download code included with the bundle. It wont be usable until December, but I’m sure hackers will find a way around…
    Just a warning for people who don’t want spoilers.

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