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Square Enix Admits That World Of Final Fantasy Maxima On Switch Budget Was Low But They’ve Done Their Very Best

The World of Final Fantasy Maxima director Hiroki Chiba has revealed more about the development of the upcoming World Of Final Fantasy Maxima which is destined to be released on the Nintendo Switch on the 6th of November. Here’s a summary of what was said in the latest edition of Japanese publication, Weekly Famitsu.

“With the Switch port [of World of Final Fantasy Maxima], we took the opportunity to enhance the game. To be completely honest, our budget was low, so what we could do was limited, but we used our time carefully and did what we could!

“While there are no plans for a sequel, I have fully written the story. If Square Enix gives us its approval, we can start development right away.”

“The difference in resolution between handheld and TV modes [on Switch] caused some trouble for the staff. The engine is the Orochi Engine. The Switch didn’t support it, but we got the engine team to support the Switch, so I think this is the first Switch game using the Orochi Engine.”

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25 thoughts on “Square Enix Admits That World Of Final Fantasy Maxima On Switch Budget Was Low But They’ve Done Their Very Best”

  1. After the 8-bit and 16-bit Nintendo kiddie console systems Sq. Enix never cared much about many other products from them – the Virtual Boy was a red-and-black optical crud, the Nintendo 64 mammoth had laughable graphics and was overpriced with a elephant cartridges that waste retailer shelf space, and the DS was a disaster and a moronic idea from the died-off Hiroshi Yamauchi – that also consumed the life of Satoru for years of obedience ‘n the low-sales pressures along with the Gamecube. Now the Switch, as they know Nintendo’s way of business from the 80s, is still a budget firmware like the laughable Game Boy for maximum profits – this is ideal for low-res monster card games like Pokemon where even the more-laughable wannabe Neo Geo Pocket could handle if SNK actually had the ability to buy the right from Nintendo, so they decided to do a low-budget contribution in response while focusing on the big league kiddie consoles and the antiquated arcades.

    Saying they “did their best” was just lip service and making their consumer base feel they aren’t treated like dogs, but that is as convincing as a fish in a dress.

    1. @Clear and present taker, don’t bother here, it’s full of fools, you can’t have an argument here. It’s instant replied with stupid memes and copy pasta youtube replies. Notice how nobody can counter you argument only slander for you buddy.

      Because that’s what babies do, cry and scream until they get it their way.

      The irony is that those fools replying here like law and warrior are the real trolls, none of them want to talk about gaming they only want wars and tribalism, if you break their little bubble they go full retard

      1. Oh the nintendo ds was such a failure, funny how it got some final fantasy games on it. If you think Nintendo had it wrong all this years they would be bankrupt by now, the switch is a hit and a big one and I have to agree though, hearing that they had a limited budget makes me feel like the game could’ve been better optimized and ported as well as being Physical but since the budget was low it never happened. Hopefully Square will reconsider on their tactics as well as Capcom and other game studios that don’t go physical or make you download most of the game.

  2. Buy a PS4 it sold 100x more consoles for a reason. Switch is Mario and Zelda and that’s it. You guys really think Metriod gonna blow you away, lol !

    It can’t even do 1080P 30FPS, like what are you expecting that devs do with such low tier hardware.

    Move on ! the honeymoon is over, nobody plays on their roof with Karen and Switch 1,2 is cringe.

    Don’t be a loser, please ?

    1. For all the talk of your beloved PS4 you sure have time to be constantly trolling a Nintendo news site, quite unaware of how pathetic it makes you look, or maybe you’ll do anything for attention, to the point of replying to yourself with a separate account.

      By now people who buy Nintendo systems know how they work and what they are getting, and choose to do so because they love it and want to play Nintendo games primarily. The Switch continues to sell and people like you seem so massively bothered by it that you take time out of playing all your great PS4 titles to fish for reactions on every article here.

      The only loser here, by a long-shot is you.

    2. You know I sell my PS4 and 50 games and buy switch. And this was best decision of my life!
      No I got Xbox ONE and is much better than PS4. Also price games are better on xbox and switch :-)
      I don’t care about 30 or 60 FPS. 1080p or 720p. For that I have powerful PC.
      Switch is portable. I play when I want and where I want.

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