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YouTube Might Be Coming To Nintendo Switch On 8th November

The official Nintendo site has put up a placeholder for YouTube on the Nintendo Switch. The placeholder says that the popular video app is coming to the system on the 8th of November. Nintendo and YouTube haven’t previously confirmed the app for the Nintendo Switch, but it seems like it is coming on Thursday as part of the Nintendo Download update on the Nintendo Switch eShop.



Thanks to darthwesker10 for the news tip!



      1. Oh it is… but I also think the Switch has just as much right to have Youtube as any media platform.
        Besides, not EVERYONE uses Internet browsers.

    1. And people like me that don’t have a smart TV but want to watch videos on a big screen. I hate that I still have to use my Wii U for this.

  1. I can now at least watch TheRunawayGuys or Tom Fawkes or Attackingtucans or Masaeanela or ReviewTechUSA or SuperMetalDave64 or Spawn Wave or Dreamcast Guy or StephenPlays/Vlogs on muh Switch

  2. All we need next is Netflix, an actual internet browser, and we’re good.

    Or else, I’m sticking with the Wii U (for that purpose alone). I still play Switch games.

    1. And how its affect you that YouTube is coming??, better have it than not. Can help get new buyers and more console = more interest on produce games.
      Being so stubborn on game console and not multimedia device is ridiculous

  3. Great, but one year too late. I just bought a new Tv with Youtube build in and the tv remote can type into youtube with voice so no need for this app anymore on Switch,

    Will not install it but I’m happy those who have older 1080P tv’s can watch YouTube
    Also don’t forget the kids who love some YouTube on the go and don’t yet own Phones.

      1. But he doesn’t want to watch it on those objects. He wants to watch it on his Switch. For someone that is practically part of a Nintendo cult, you sure don’t like the idea of the Nintendo system being the center focal point of people’s houses. I would think cult members would WANT their “religion’s” influence to spread and dominate households everywhere.

      2. “it’s a GAMING CONSOLE hint the word GAMEING if your dumb ass wants to watch boretube use your damn phone or tv or laptop”

        Why are you attacking me personally? Did I do something to you? If opportunities are offered, then people should use them as they would like to. So relax a bit.

  4. OPRA WEB BROWSER yes yt app erm no considering no one on earth uses it

    opra browser please

  5. I don’t need this app as I got a 4K SmarTV earlier this year. Still, this is great for those that can’t afford a SmarTV or don’t really care about having a smartphone because they prefer a bigger screen for games, YouTube, Netflix, etc. (Fuck smartphones!)

    Anyway, I hope the YouTube app on Switch is as good as the one on my SmarTV and on Roku boxes, because the Wii U app for YouTube was just horrible. Anyway, if this is true, Netflix will most likely follow soon enough.

      1. I’ve got a bit of an addictive personality so a smartphone is NOT the best idea for me. I don’t want to be another one of those zombies with their face glued to their phone.

  6. I need this, because the audio on my 10 year old laptop is broken, and my wii u video player doesn’t work on internet browser. I would like another video site as well that starts with the letter p and ends with the letter b. *wink wink* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. An Internet Browser should have been the first thing added to the Switch. My Wii U Internet Browser stopped working months ago (unless I’m in the same room as the console). Actually, the console/Gamepad itself stopped working unless I was in the same room. Just all of the sudden. So I’ve been eagerly awaiting an Internet Browser for the Switch. I’m sick of having to carry my heavy laptop around the house.

  8. They really took long for this. Good thing I don’t have to keep charging the WiiU tablet anymore (only when I want to play Xenoblade X)

  9. I desperately need Netflix, and I’m really unhappy to not have it on the platform. So for every hardware generation I will have to wait 3 years to use it? Meh. (if it will ever come)

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