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Latest EDGE Magazine Review Scores

Super Mario Party characters

It is hard to believe but the Christmas 2018 edition of UK gaming publication EDGE has started to arrive to those who have subscribed. It contains a wealth of big titles ranging from Red Dead Redemption 2 which scored a perfect ten and Super Mario Party which the magazine awarded a seven. Here’s the latest review scores:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – 10
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – 7
  • Starlink: Battle for Atlas – 6
  • COD: Black Ops IIII – 7
  • Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – 6
  • Astro Bot: Rescue Mission – 9
  • Super Mario Party – 7
  • Return of the Obra Dinn – 9


8 thoughts on “Latest EDGE Magazine Review Scores”

  1. Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas should be a solid 8 simply because of StarFox otherwise without them 6 is on the money despite the fact that I enjoyed playing the game.

    1. The Switch version looks and performs worse, so no, it doesn’t deserve any extra marks. Plus the game’s physical release was botched requiring a day one 6GB mandatory download. If anything the Switch version should be docked points.

      1. The points you make are not indicative of a worse score. Th game looks and plays fine on Switch and a slightly better resolution or frame rate make little difference to this. I agree with Anonymous that it is a solid game but think 7 (with the extra Starfox content) is the right score. It’s a decent game that gets pretty repetitive quite quickly.

  2. I can understand the vote of 6 for Starlink. I spend 30 hours, already beated the game in normal and I’m playing the adventure again in hardest difficult.

    The problem of this game it’s not the resolution or framerate, even if I saw some dead pixels that it doesn’t make the experience bad.

    The real problem is the repetitive missions and bosses and a story not so great. While the Star Fox missions are unique and fun to play with also get a price for every mission you do the Starlink missions are, as I already said, repetitive. You just go to a planet and destroy extractors or primes after you do this destroy the first legion ship and after you did this you have to repetive this on every planet.
    Also the Starlink missions (only the main campaign) takes place in 4 planets and it doesn’t take care of the other 3 planets so much but only at the last part of the game.

    So in the end to me the right vote is 7 only because there is the Star Fox team in the game.

    Super Mario Party should have a better online system. Playing the online only for 10 games it means you can play only 10% of the game online. I know some people will say to me that Mario Party is much more fun to play with other people but the problem is when you don’t have anybody who plays the Switch. In my case there isn’t so much people who play the Switch, unless there is some streets where people meets for play but I never heard anything about it, so that’s the only comment about Super Mario Party.

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