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Square Enix Reveals New World Of Final Fantasy Maxima Details

World Of Final Fantasy Maxima is coming to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow and Square Enix has provided new details about the remake during its special World of Final Fantasy Maxima pre-launch live stream which took place earlier today. Those who purchase the revised edition of The World of Final Fantasy can look forward to the following additions and changes:

  • You can now carry 12 Mirages instead of 10.
  • An item called “Treasure Search” is unlocked after clearing the game, which makes finding treasure chests easier.
  • Lots of rare items have been added, mainly battle-related.
  • New Game+ has been added.
  • You can listen to the song “Innocent³” from World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo in Theater Mode.
  • The “Sandstalker” minigame has been made easier to play.
  • Catching the three starter Mirages (Fritt, Bablizz, and Zapt) has been made easier.
  • Hauyn can join the party after clearing the game. (See her in action here at 16:44.)
  • Enna Kros has been added as an extra boss battle. (See the battle in action here at 21:29.)
  • An EX Dungeon in which Garland appears has been added.
  • The Immortal Dragon of Darkness appears. An enemy that appears at the beginning of the World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo manga, it is one of the Exnine Knights. It is even stronger than Brandelis.
  • You can fight Brandelis again.
  • A “Nightmare” difficulty option where even small enemies are significantly stronger has been added.
  • New, fully-voiced Champion Intervention Quests have been added.
  • A secret ending has been added.
  • You can battle Marilith as a boss character in an EX Dungeon. (See the battle in action here at 39:58.)
  • Avatar Change: By obtaining the “Champion Stone,” you can transform into legendary Final Fantasy characters in battle. Each character has their own battle background music and skills. (See Avatar Change in action here at 55:16.)
  • Fishing Minigame: A minigame where you can fish with Noctis has been added. You can even reel in a Leviathan. (See the minigame in action here at 59:34.)
  • Hauyn’s Archives: Characters that first appeared in World of Final Fantasy have “World of Final Fantasy (Apocrypha)” written in their “First World of Origin” field in the encyclopedia. These Apocrypha can be read as Hauyn’s Archives, which are scattered throughout the game world and must be gathered.
  • New Mirages and Champions have been added to the encyclopedia. Since there is a little more story after clearing the game, additional descriptions have also been added to Lann, Reynn, and Hauyn’s entries.


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