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Kirby Star Allies Possibly Teasing ‘Another Dimension’ From Kirby’s Return To Dream Land

The official Kirby Twitter account has been publishing mysterious messages recently which are related to Kirby Star Allies which is available now on the Nintendo Switch. The first two tweets (which are in Japanese) mentioned opening a hole through time and space. The third tweet is related to a book passage which says the following:


This was something written in a certain book that still hasn’t been completely deciphered, but perhaps the vessel of our Lord may have come through a certain passage from a different world…

That space surrounding the passage was once called this:

‘Another Dimension’.”

As Siliconera points out Another Dimension is the last level in the classic Kirby’s Return to Dream Land. The publication speculates that Magalor will presumably have something to do with the update possibly as one of the Dream Friend’s or it could be bigger than that. We shall have to wait patiently for Nintendo to spill the beans.

“One interesting thing to note is that a mysterious book is meant to have contained this information. In Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, cutscenes were stylized to have taken place inside a storybook, which could be related as well.”


13 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies Possibly Teasing ‘Another Dimension’ From Kirby’s Return To Dream Land”

      1. Ah…sorry, I’m just getting excited about what new kirby story/lore this entails in Star Allies.

        Say, if you’re not aware of the lore behind Kirby…
        Then hoh boy, you have no idea how insane yet fascinating it all is.

        If you have recently played a Kirby game (esp. Star Allies) before…
        Have you ever notice the final bosses kirby’s fights or plots of some of the games?

        If you pay close attention and look behind the saccharide, cheerful and happy nature that kirby games show…
        You’ll notice how very dark, rather deep and sometimes disturbing the lore is.

        Here’s a video, containing spoilers for Kirby:Star Allies and other games, explaining some
        of the lore behind Kirby (in this case being the hunger for god-like power over reality), narrated by Woolie
        (of Super Best Friends fame).

        You can find more on his channel here:

        or look around online for more lore behind kirby.
        Yeah, again it’s all insane yet I love it haha!

      1. Today I learned that Sakurai hasn’t worked on a kirby game since Amazing Mirror…
        How Surprising I say…

        Though I have a feeling that he, while not working on any kirby games currently since then, hasn’t been completely uninvolved in some way with the team that currently works on the kirby series for the past decade Mmmm…Nothing major enough to credit, more like simply small talk/thoughts/etc between sakurai and team behind kirby as they work on separate projects.

        Still thanks for correcting and telling me this!
        I appreciate it mate!^^

      1. Ah my I didn’t know he hasn’t worked on these Kirby games since Air Ride/Amazing Mirror!
        Though I have a feeling that while he doesn’t work on them anymore, he has probably gave some suggestions/thoughts or ideas from the team working on the Kirby games since a decade ago…

        Still that’s quite nice to know! Thanks for telling me! ^^

  1. Omg new mode looks awesome and I love the new characters. Now Marx + Magolor in same game and super difficulty. Very cool. Can’t wait to play it. Wonder if I can get someone to help me with the mode. I’ve mostly played the game by myself. If not, I’m sure I’ll still go for it.

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