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Video: Trine Series 1-3 Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer, Trine Enchanted Edition On eShop Today

Good news for fans of the Trine series as Frozenbyte has announced today that all three Trine titles will be gracing the Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the announcement they have put together this excellent teaser trailer giving gamers a look at all three games on the system. The games themselves look as beautiful as ever. Trine 4 will come in the future.

“Frozenbyte, together with GameTrust announced today that the beautiful puzzle-platforming Trine games are coming to Nintendo Switch. The quest begins with Trine Enchanted Edition, available on Nintendo eShop today in North America and Europe for a price of $14.99 / € 14.99 / £ 13.49. Trine 2: Complete Story and Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power are coming to Nintendo Switch soon after, with exact release dates still to be announced.”

10 thoughts on “Video: Trine Series 1-3 Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer, Trine Enchanted Edition On eShop Today”

  1. I remember Trine 2 being the first game I downloaded on my Wii U a few weeks after launch. I really enjoyed it so will probably get all these.

  2. It would be epic and surprising if all three where in Smash Ultimate as 1 character. Like how the Dog Hunt Dog operates instead of 3 separate characters. Example the Trine Character would all help each other out. I’m knocked off a platform as the Thief. I press “Up and B” and the Wizard makes platforms to stay on the the platform. I use bombs from the big fella and arrows from the girl. Three characters into one whole.

  3. The Trine Character special would be have the Wizard cage up anyone near by, have the girl and the big fella destroy the cage. Or better yet have someone locked in a box as a move and if they target right the player trying to hop back to the platform has break the box open before it’s the end..

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