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Nintendo President: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Realistic To Expect Every Major Title On Switch’

Nintendo president, Shuntaro Furukawa, recently participated in a question &answer session. One of the many questions asked to Mr. Furukawa was why we have seen some high-profile AAA games skipping the Nintendo Switch. While a number have come, this has in turn led to some creative developers creating titles especially for the platform such as Square Enix with Octopath Traveler and Ubisoft with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Mr. Furukawa says we may see more cloud based games using streaming as a solution for a few games.

A lot of people seem to feel like there are major titles from other publishers that are missing on Nintendo Switch. Are you currently doing anything to address that? Also, do you think the situation will change in the next fiscal year or later?

A13 Furukawa:
We believe that giving consumers a wide selection of software is an extremely important part of operating our platforms. That is why we welcome the introduction of a variety of titles from many different software publishers. Even so, I do not think it is realistic to expect that every major title will become available on Nintendo Switch. We are speaking with publishers about them actively putting titles on Nintendo Switch that would be an especially good fit for its unique features as a home console system you can carry around, including handheld mode and the ability to bring systems together for local multiplayer. Given the strong publisher support Nintendo Switch has, I would expect the number of titles on it will increase a lot more. That is what really keeps the Nintendo Switch business on the right track.

A10 Furukawa:
Generally, I think having the Nintendo Switch software lineup augmented by titles from publishers who make use of cloud gaming technologies is a very positive thing. And it is really meaningful in terms of expanding our user base, because there are some titles that probably could not be offered on Nintendo Switch any other way.

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30 thoughts on “Nintendo President: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Realistic To Expect Every Major Title On Switch’”

  1. I only asked for games switch ports of Muramasa Rebirth and other Japanese developed games like the God Eater series and Toukiden series to also come to the Switch. If Nintendo can’t at least manage to get the simpler 3rd party games on their platform and Muramasa back to it’s original; platform then maybe we should be worried, it’s not like Switch owners whom do have common sense are expecting or even asking for games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, FFXV or Star Citizen ffs:/

  2. It isn’t realistic with the likes of games such as rdr2, unless Nintendo hurry up and kick out a console with equal capabilities.

      1. Sadly, I’m inclined to agree with First Order here. I got Red Dead 2 and there is no way Switch could handle it without MASSIVE downgrades to everything. The game itself is also nearly 100 gigs in size- even the compression wizards at Nintendo probably can’t downsize that without sacrificing the quality too much.

  3. Well Nintendo, as a shareholder, please stop fcking staying with your arms crossed, do something about it. You better bring that new Switch in ’19.

  4. Well then don’t expect people to buy your casual NSMB Deluxe (or god forbid, more games like Amiibo Festival, Ultra Smash, and LGPE).

    I’m still waiting for J-Stars Victory Vs. and Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.

      1. Good question, and here are some more:
        -Is Quadraxis really a robotic entity?
        -Is Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie an actual person on this site?
        -What’s in a name anyway?

      1. So watch makes the PS4 library so unique (and worth passing up the Switch)?

        Any, I want to play as Bo-bobo in J-Stars Victory VS!

          1. I guess you’re not too big on Project X-Zone either.

            Or Banjo-Kazooie for that matter.

            Normally, I get what you’re saying for watching actual anime. But this is a video game, where gameplay is the main focus. And it’s not like yo can’t follow what they’re saying. The dialogue IS subbed.

            1. banjo kazooie was awesome as it had an iconic style of talking, no “ONIIIII CHAN dessu, hajmie shite Himeshi Kota” I do know japanese as my girlfriend is japanese and i learned from her but we both prefer to hear english with our games And no my name isn’t kota that i’m keeping that information private.

              1. So Rare-ese is okay, but Japanese audio isn’t?

                Just be glad the text is translated at all. Half the time, we can’t even get dubs for a majority of anime shows (such as Gintama, Bakuman, and rest of Toriko).

                  1. You think I wouldn’t prefer a dub.

                    If I can READ J-Stars Victory Vs. in an interactive video game, I’ll take it. If the game is available in the states (and not region-locked), I’ll take it. If the game is on a Nintendo system (instead of my buying another system for a console-exclusive game, and nothing else), I WILL take it.

  5. I got the best of both worlds.

    A Switch for all my favorite Nintendo franchises (of which there are a lot of) and a PS4 for any game that catches my interest but isn’t on Switch. I feel like this is the best possible combo to have.

  6. When has Nintendo EVER gotten every big third-party AAA game since the N64 days? I don’t imagine it possible going back to a time where a Nintendo console got every game of its hardware generation released on it- not at this point.

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