Nintendo Switch

US: GameStop Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch Deal Adds $30 eShop Gift Card And $50 GameStop Gift Card

Those of you who didn’t manage to snag a Nintendo Switch console in the recent Black Friday deals should check out this deal GameStop will be running on Cyber Monday which is tomorrow. You can get a Nintendo Switch console for $299.99 but you get a free $50 store gift card and $30 Nintendo eShop credit, giving you a chance to get a game on your wish list. This promotion should be up and running tomorrow.

  • Nintendo Switch + $50 Gift Card + $30 eShop Credit (Neon Joy-Con) $299.99
  • Nintendo Switch + $50 Gift Card + $35 eShop Credit (Grey Joy-Con) $299.99




    1. Don’t feel bad. The alternative is to do what I do, which is never buy a Switch on the flawed logic that no matter how good a deal is now, a better one will come in the future. And then the heat-death of the universe arrives and I’m still Switchless.


      1. While there is a possibility of a better deal down the road, I’m the type that will be happy with the first good deal I can come across and this is one such good deal.


      2. If it’s got games you want or games you want that are on their way and you got the money, I say go for this deal. If you want, you could use the 50 dollar gift card to buy an eShop credits card and get a free game with the Switch if there is a game you want digitally.


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