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Mythra Gets A Sightly Different Design In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Those of you who have played the absorbing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch will be familiar with Mythra. She appears in the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate which is due for release next month. Her design has been slightly updated from her Xenoblade Chronicles 2 design probably to keep a lower rating. Check out her new design below.

Mythra Previous Design
Mythra New Design




    1. Honestly… Yeah, it does. It fits the character (a somewhat ruthless warrior) way better than a sexy costume. Same with Pyra, who is shown as being a bit shy and chaste. The character’s physical designs (well, only the female characters) are the only thing I disliked about this game…

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  1. Wow that character looks 100% better and less ridiculous. If only she actually looked like that in the actual game she was from lmao.

    A sexy outfit is often an ugly one in video games and comics. Its not like its ever designed in a classy lingerie way. Its always designed like a stupid sci-fi or fantasy bikini or cloth bits that no real warrior (Barbie babe or not) would wear if they actually existed. I get its make believe fan service shit bit its still just garbage style and 98% always UGLY.

    I probably would have changed her tight colors to white though but still an improvement.

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  2. All seems to point towards this being a change done in order to comply with CERO’s A rating requirements, just like it has happened in previous smash games. Otherwise things like the Nintendo Live elementary school tournament wouldnt be able to take place in Japan.


      1. ESRB has E+10 category which nintendo applied to for this game. It has also been shown that previous smash games has ranked T without trouble. On the other hand, on japan, nintendo has always kept the A rating, which is a E quivalent rating, the next rating B is a T equivalent rating. Sakurai has talked about how dealing with CERO’s ratings is a mess and that they will complain about the silliest stuff and ask to change it or remove it. I think it’s safe to assume this was a CERO mandated change too

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    1. Ugly people always hate attractive people. LOL
      It’s a small step, you do realize it’s just for the rating, next Xenoblade will have boobs, u mad now ?

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      1. There’s nothing wrong with showing cleavage but the costumes for these characters are nearly classic final fantasy extra if not more extra. It is possible to look sexy and not have costumes over cluttered. Like Pyra clashes with the sexy theme of her outfit she and there’s too much going on to make sense of it. She would be better off with something similar to Mythra. Maybe a romper it’s still possible to show chest there and place some armor over it. Lastly help the rabbit girl her spine is snapped.


      2. Think about your GF wearing some things that makes her attractive. Now try to say to your GF to wear something else to not be so attractive.

        It’s not a question of ugly people hating attractive people but sometimes girls wears some clothes that shows some parts of their body. Sure they do this to get attention but sometimes can be a problem because some people will start to say bad things.

        I leave your imagination on what I mean on bad things.

        Of course here we are talking about a female videogame character but to me making those type of characters with big boobs etc it’s just for publicity

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  3. Yet zero suit samus’ shorts are still there. There’s a playable character with small shorts but let’s edit a jpeg. Give me a fucking break. Also this pretty much says that rex and pyra/mythra won’t be dlc characters.


    1. Samus is at least wear shorts that look sporty more than sexy. She seems ready to ride a bicycle in a marathon in her outfit meanwhile this character just looks like a girl ready for a very adult anime convention.

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    1. Look, dude, if you so badly want to see half-naked animated girls, there’s tons of sites out there for your pleasure.
      Most of us, however, would just appreciate it to have warrior characters wearing a friggin’ armor or at least covered up enough for it to be realistic for going to battle.

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      1. She was barely half naked to begin with!

        Also have you seen PYRA’S spirit lately? Her design was completely untouched and her outfit was supposed to be MORE revealing!
        That’s why I don’t like it that they censored Mythra, because it was backwards and hypocritical.

        Also if they’re going to worry about censorship… then why stick with the E10+ rating instead of a T rating?
        Even Melee and Brawl weren’t afraid to use that rating.

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      2. @Infinite Ridley
        I KNOW RIGHT!?

        If SHE doesn’t get censored even though Mythra did for wearing less revealing clothing… then there’s just no point to this.

        That’s why this is just SJW bullshit.


      3. @Chris-mation (@CET_Animation)
        “Reason why Pyra isn’t covered up is because she is best girl ¬W¬”

        While I can’t argue about her being best girl… but that’s still no excuse to censor her less-revealing counterpart while SHE gets a free pass.

        I love Pyra as much as the next anime/video game fanatic… but that doesn’t change the fact that SJWs have labeled their complaints about her outfit being “too revealing” (which I CAN see where they’re coming from) and Mythra got a free pass because her outfit (while somewhat revealing) was much LESS revealing by comparison. So the fact that this use of censorship was completely backwards.


    2. People have been pushing to censor nudit and the /female form long before SJWs were a thing. Historically, it’s been conservative Christians. There were plenty of liberal feminists who fought against that, just as there are plenty that view it as objectification. Picking one group that you don’t like and blaming it all on them is taking a really narrow view on the issue.

      Personally, it’s not offensive. Just ridiculous juvenile pandering. Now Nintendo choosing to cover up cleavage before they release an E rated game makes about the same sense as my wife choosing to cover up cleavage before she goes to work. Wear what’s appropriate for the outing.

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      1. No. This updated design as free DLC would be fine, though. I’m all for more alternate costumes in the actual Xenoblade 2 game.


  4. The shading ruins the redesign. I hope this is just a prototype and she won’t look as atrocious in the actual game.
    It’s not like I’ll probably ever use her, anyway, so whatever. They could have put her in a burka for all I care. … No. Certain morons would then cry that “cultural appropriation” bullshit if they did that. Anyway, as long as it stays in this E for Everyone game, I got no real issue with this.


      1. I don’t understand what you’re saying. Mostly, I don’t know what’s your issue with my comment. Was it the retarded cultural appropriation term? Yeah. That term pisses me off, too. Just a dumb word made up by what I assume was a bunch of PC Culture morons who feel it’s “racist for a white man to wear clothes from other cultures or eat food from other cultures or enjoy the products of other cultures.” I guess that means my plans to buy a katana one day are no longer allowed because that would be racist as I’m a white guy trying to appropriate Japanese culture. *gasp* Maybe I should get rid of most of my games, too, as most of them are from Japanese culture, too. OH GOD; I’M A RACIST!!! D: *commits seppuku*

        lol Don’t mind me; I’m just a little crazy.


  5. It’s just some fucking legs. If you all are popping off in No Nut November to some fucking legs, that’s your own thing. I don’t really consider it any more “sexual” that Bayonetta or ZSS in her ‘shorts’ outfit. Maybe we, as a whole, are just too sensitive to things like this.

    As for her new “redesign”, I think it’s far too black. It actually hurts my eyes to look at those … leggings? It looks gross. So I find it hard to accept that everyone is just universally okay with this. I don’t specifically mind the censorship, it’s more the fact that it just looks like a shitty Photoshop over a JPEG.

    To round this out, I also saw another comment saying that Pyra’s spirit wasn’t censored. So why was Mythra censored when Pyra was not? That doesn’t seem to make any sense. Maybe I’m missing something? I don’t know. Maybe we could be more mature about this, but then again, I don’t really see that happening. However, if they want to stray away from the original game in order to “protect” children, then that’s their thing.

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