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Game Awards 2018: Over Ten New Game Announcements And Some Existing Game Updates

The Game Awards 2018 is taking place next month and it promises to be another good one with a number of new game reveals. Geoff Keighley has revealed that there will be over ten new video game announcements and there will also be updates on existing titles, presumably DLC. There will be teases leading up the show which takes place on 6th December.

37 thoughts on “Game Awards 2018: Over Ten New Game Announcements And Some Existing Game Updates”

  1. He said next week. Although that is also next month, next month made it sound like it was still further away.
    Not interested in anything else but hopefully trailer for Bayo 3.

    1. Another Bayonetta trailer, nobody cares bro, this will be second time they tease a trailer.
      It’s finished or it’s not now for this game another teaser trailer is lame !

      Switch doesn’t has next gen hardware so it will look the same as Bayonetta 2 and will use same engine with better tweaks and performance. It’s done or it’s not. No more teasers, some other game or fail.

      Don’t reply.

    1. This is E3 stuff, they ain’t gonna give Geoff the big stuff only 3 party and sister companies. Expect another Ubisoft Mario crossover game or something not a AA game from Nintendo. E3 has more viewers so stupid to give out the big stuff for some random show from Geoff.

      1. E3 was 6 months ago though, maybe they weren’t ready to announce a game or show a trailer back then. Their focus back then was announcing stuff for Smash, we now know everything we need to. Maybe a port or HD remake could be announced. Hopefully Metroid Prime trilogy HD.

      2. They may show a new trailer as a momentum play to boost Holiday Sales for the Switch… Remember they announced the Nintendo Switch not at E3, but during a random Nintendo Direct on October 20th of 2016. Metroid has already been announced and they may be ready to show a trailer to get people hyped…

  2. Hoping for maybe a smol teaser for Animal Crossing Switch that features even a few seconds of gameplay. If that rumour is true (which I am NOT saying I believe it or don’t believe it, just a what if situation), then it would make sense for Nintendo to showcase at least a 10 second teaser or so of the game that features gameplay.

    Still expecting other stuff and a new trailer for Yoshi’s Crafted World to be showcased, since that is coming early 2019, so that is almost a definite showing.

  3. Never really a fan of Geoff of Gametrailers, but he is truly a gamer and has passion for it, hell even AngryJoe has become a bigger sell out than Geoff, at least Geoff has the balls to challenge Reggie and the big boys unlike AngryTryhard ass kissing and fanboying anything that doesn’t offend his 12 year old viewers.

    The game awards are more existing than E3 last years, and that is sad !
    Shows you how rot and old these big corporations are, seems only Geoff knows how to excite people with a decent show.

    Peace, don’t reply.

  4. It’s unlikely, but I’d personally like to see:
    Super Mario 3D World Deluxe (highly unlikely)
    Metroid Prime 4 (unlikely but possible)
    Metroid Prime Trilogy HD (less likely then MP4)
    Pikmin Trilogy (now I’m just dreaming, but it would be cool)

    To be honest with myself though, anything as big as what’s on my list wouldn’t be on anything else then a Nintendo Direct or next year’s E3.
    And Super Mario 3D World Deluxe is not going to be released so close to New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

    I do hope that they do announce something big though.

  5. I’m honestly looking forward to this event on December 6th. Even if we don’t get anything from Nintendo, there is still stuff we could get from the other guys. The beauty of not shackling yourself to one game system or to even one game company is no matter how atrocious one showing is, you still got plenty of other console makers and game makers to fall back on.

      1. I hate to say it but I think this might be strangablog. If you remember him, all of this guy’s other comments actually make some sense. Only Stranga has such disdain for Microsoft, is angry with Sony and hates them but not to the same degree as Microsoft, is angry with a plethora of other developers, and even though he’s clearly angry with Nintendo, he’s still got a real hard on for them and can’t seem to decide if he’s a fan or a fanboy.

        But I could be wrong. It’s not like stranga was something unique as I’m sure there are others with the same exact mentality as him when it comes to the video game industry.

    1. I see my first two big comments to you has triggered you since this is the second comment by me that had nothing to do with you yet here you are.

      You’re right. I don’t stand my ground for Nintendo. Why? Because fuck Nintendo, that’s why. This company lost all of my respect during the Wii U era (which started to die in the Wii era.) The only reason this company gets my money is because of their games. Loyalty is earned and Nintendo hasn’t earned it.

      As for the coward comment, says the guy that tells someone not to reply then runs off like a little bitch because he doesn’t have the balls to actually debate people. Instead, he attacks them like an immature retard and runs off with his tail tucked between his legs. If you are stranga, you’ve clearly become a slave to your anger towards Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft and have become just another sad, pathetic loser on the internet. Hah! I get your name now, Prince of Losers. Such a shame. You use to be one of the few people here I felt I could actually call a friend.

      (If you’re not Stranga, well I hope the real one is doing okay and hasn’t become this sad, pathetic creature I see here.)

      1. That game does not appeal to me at all, I have no idea why, maybe because ive always found Kojima games very boring, but I dont find any appeal in it. The one game I cant wait for is Dayz Gone. Hopefully it runs decent on the base PS4 though, cause im not upgrading this gen with either of my consoles.

        1. It’s got my attention because of Norman Reedus but mostly because of the Lovecraftian horror vibe. If this game ends up being anything like Eternal Darkness, I’m gonna enjoy it a hell of a lot more than Resident Evil. Fuck Konami for canceling Silent Hills. But their loss if Death Stranding ends up being a hit.

  6. If they don’t show SOMETHING of Prime 4, I’m just going to assume they were lying about it to placate us- it’s been a year and a half, there must be SOMETHING by this point.

    I’ll call the show a win if there is. I’ll call it a super-win if we get a hint of a new F-Zero.

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