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Adobe Insights: The Nintendo Switch Was The Third Best-Selling Product On Cyber Monday

Things are already looking good for the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. Adobe Insights, Adobe’s analysis division, released a Top 5 chart of the best-selling products on Cyber Monday, the online equivalent of Black Friday. After finishing at #1 for Thanksgiving, the Nintendo Switch was #3 on the chart for Cyber Monday. In fact, the Switch is the only gaming console to make it to this chart. The chart is down below:



  1. Off topic, but the virtue signaling from the Smash removal of the Indian was just pure PR.
    If they really care about other people, how come the CEO of Russia still sin’t fired ?

    You see that these corps just doing it for the money.

    No problem, just saying.

    1. Don’t worry… they’re gonna fire him soon.

      Secondly, I don’t think it’s a Dobis PR stunt. It’s a race thing.

    2. I do agree that the MR Game&Watch fiasco was PR, but the CEO of Russia is a more complicated thing. Yes, they could just fire the guy, but if they up and fire him without any solid proof or investigation, he could sue Nintendo and it could become really messy and stretch for even longer. Its just a matter of time before they do find something and get his ass though.

        1. Nobody said you’re depriving anybody of anything but refer to people in the same way aliens would observe us or scientists would observe animals is a good way to dehumanize.

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