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Nintendo Will Be Ending The Nintendo Creators Program At The End Of December 2018

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Nintendo‘s program on YouTube is coming to an end. Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo Creators Program will be coming to an end at the end of next month. The program’s website will close on March 20th, 2019. Nintendo said that this is to “make it easier for content creators to make and monetize videos that contain Nintendo game content”. Nintendo says that “as long as you follow some basic rules, we will not object to your use of gameplay footage and/or screenshots captured from games for which Nintendo owns the copyright (“Nintendo Game Content”) in the content you create for appropriate video and image sharing sites”. These “basic rules” that Nintendo mentioned can be seen down below.

  • You may monetize your videos and channels using the monetization methods separately specified by Nintendo. Other forms of monetization of our intellectual property for commercial purposes are not permitted.
  • We encourage you to create videos that include your creative input and commentary. Videos and images that contain mere copies of Nintendo Game Content without creative input or commentary are not permitted. You may, however, post gameplay videos and screenshots using Nintendo system features, such as the Capture Button on Nintendo Switch, without additional input or commentary.
  • You are only permitted to use Nintendo Game Content that has been officially released, or from promotional materials officially released by Nintendo (such as product trailers or Nintendo Directs).
  • If you want to use the intellectual property of a third-party, you are responsible for obtaining any necessary third-party permissions.
  • You are not permitted to imply or state that your videos are officially affiliated with or sponsored by Nintendo.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content that we believe is unlawful, infringing, inappropriate, or not in line with these Guidelines.

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24 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Be Ending The Nintendo Creators Program At The End Of December 2018”

    1. On second thought, this list is missing mixer and dailymotion.

      Currently, the “monetization methods separately specified by Nintendo” include the following*:
      Facebook – Facebook Gaming Creators, Facebook Level Up Program;
      Niconico Douga/Niconico Live – Niconico Creators Program, Niconico Channel; – OPENREC Creators Program;
      Twitch – Twitch Affiliate Program and Twitch Partner Program;
      Twitter – Amplify Publisher Program; and
      YouTube – YouTube Partner Program.
      *Subject to be updated

    1. This change is lifting the restrictions of the youtube creator’s program and letting people monetize their content like normal content creators, as long as you’re not copyright infringing.

      However, the list of sites they permit is actually pretty restrictive.

      1. Not broken, just not good enough. Nobody wants to be forced to use the app for one. Also NES games alone aren’t enough. I haven’t bought it and still likely won’t even if I get Smash.

    1. Also, who do we thank for this shit going bye bye? Is it the new prez? If so, THANK YOU!!! Maybe now I can one day see guys like Markiplier or Ohmwrecker playing Nintendo games on their channel.

  1. If feel like the reason they did it was to try and make some money back that they lost on the Wii U, now that the Switch is making them plenty of money, they don’t really need this anymore and they decided to be more player friendly.

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