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Animus – Stand Alone Is Coming To The Switch In Japan On December 6th, Europe On December 24th & North America On January 3rd

Nintendo Switch users have another game to look forward to soon. Animus – Stand Alone will be coming to the console very soon. The exact release date depends on where you live. Japan will get it first, on December 6th. Europe will get it on Christmas Eve. Finally, the game will release in North America on January 3rd. An announcement trailer can be seen down below.


    1. Yeah don’t forget to preorder from amazon, ps 4 store, xbox store and play the mobile game to get the keyblade dlcs, otherwise you won’t get them :)
      Also not everyone owns a ps4

      1. Well it’s not like Nintendo is innocent of these tactics these days. For instance, you can’t get Meltan/Melmetal in Pokemon Let’s GO unless you also play Pokemon GO, a mobile game. Sure Nintendo hasn’t done store exclusives for DLC in particular but they have done store exclusives for amiibo which, for some games, have DLC locked behind them that you can’t get any other way.

        As to the second point, not everyone owns a PS4, sure, but neither does everyone own a Switch. In fact, there are more PS4 users than Switch users at this moment. Not to mention some, if not most, Switch users have a PS4, Xbox One, or gaming PC, too.

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