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Dragalia Lost Has Crossed $50 Million In Revenue Since Launch

Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost launched in September and data firm Sensor Tower is reporting today that the original Nintendo mobile IP has crossed the 50 million mark in revenue on both iOS and Android. Interestingly, it is iOS users who spent the most cash on the game as 60 percent of the total revenue came from Apple users.


5 thoughts on “Dragalia Lost Has Crossed $50 Million In Revenue Since Launch”

  1. I’m no expert, but that sounds decent for something that isn’t part of an already established franchise.

    Still, I hope one day they might make a Switch game out of it. As curious as I am about the game, my phone doesn’t have enough space for it and Fire Emblem Heroes and that has higher priority. I’d be very interested in a Switch game for this though.

    1. This game definitely needs buttons, tapping the screen gets crazy tedious on some of the harder event bosses. I too hope it comes to Switch as a “real” game. It very much has a Diablo type feel but the current mobile version just gives you the same weapons over and over (perhaps I’m just not far enough into it though). You have to collect materials to craft stronger weapons however so it becomes a grind. I dig this type of game though and look forward to what the franchise can become on a home console.

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