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Mortal Kombat 11 Is Coming To Multiple Platforms, Including The Nintendo Switch, On April 29th, 2019

The big Nintendo-related announcements just keep on coming, and Nintendo has yet to announce a game of their own as of this article’s writing. Mortal Kombat 11 has been announced at The Game Awards. The game will be coming on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, worldwide on April 29th 2019. The official announcement trailer can be seen down below, so if you want to, feel free to check it out.


    1. Double Hell YEAH! Mortal Kombat 11 is so disgusting and violent that I want to play it so badly. I’ve seen Sub-zero fatalities and it’s awesome. I wonder what Reptile’s, my fav character, fatalities will be.

  1. Well, good for those who like it I suppose. :)

    Not really my cup of tea but more third parties is a good thing.

  2. Nintendo did show off a lot of new games tonight. Too bad none of them were theirs. It feels like E3 2018 all over again, though, where Smash is getting most of the attention.

    Thankfully, The Pathless got my attention so the game announcements haven’t been a total letdown for me. The others aren’t bad, though, but just not games I want to play.

  3. Stupid song. This series should be called “Immortal Kombat”. Because nobody ever really dies. Good to see it finally returning to a Nintendo console. Even though I’m not into fighting games anymore. Back during the first two Mortal Kombat games, this series was the light of my life. I was obsessed. My preferences have changed SO much since then.

    1. Actually, the beginning of Mortal Kombat 9 had it to where Shao Kahn had killed everyone except Raiden who was mortally wounded. This forced him to send a message to his past self which created a new timeline. So technically, everyone (except Shao Kahn) was killed in the original timeline as it’s safe to assume the dying Raiden was finished off by the victorious Shao Kahn after he sent his message to his past self.

  4. Guess I could get this one.
    Last time played Mortal Kombat game on Sega megadrive.
    Have the collection on Steam, but never played it, probably was on some humble bundle

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