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Japan: Famitsu Preliminary Report Says Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sold 1.3 Million

The Media Create and Famitsu charts aren’t normally published until Wednesday which is when we generally publish them. However, preliminary numbers have come in from Famitsu and they state that Super Smash Bros Ultimate sold around 1.303 million copies in Japan where it was released on Friday. The preliminary report shows that the game exceeded analysis’s expectations. We will find out final numbers on Wednesday.


7 thoughts on “Japan: Famitsu Preliminary Report Says Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sold 1.3 Million”

  1. For reference. Pokemon Let’s Go!, the fastest-selling Switch game and a series that’s way bigger in Japan than in the US, sold around 660,000 in the same period… And Smash is typically bigger in the west from my understanding. Add that to the fact that Smash topped the UK charts which has been difficult for Nintendo games in the past. I don’t even think Pokemon did that. So yeah… Pokemon sold 3 million week one. I would not be surprised if Smash sold 5 million or so week 1. Smash Wii U sold 5.34 million lifetime.

  2. Pokemon Let’s Go opened the gate and now it’s time for Smash to take the crown. That’s when Nintendo actually release games. They should know that every game build their fortune so must release new (good) games constantly, at least one new game per month PLUS possible reissues.

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