Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom Has Already Sold 50,000 Copies

FDG Entertainment has had some news to share on Twitter and that is that the recently released Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom has already sold 50,000 copies across multiple platforms. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom was also a full priced title which launched next to Super Smash Bros Ultimate so it is quite some achievement.


  1. I wanted to get this when it was planned for summer and now I’ve made it a good faith hint for a Christmas present instead since I’m holding off on game purchases for a while.

    But yeah, that floating release date bothered me and launching next to Smash is kind of a suicidal move.

  2. “for it to be a success a game needs to sell CoD numbers and a game selling 50,000 is abysmal and is considered a flop” – Michael Pachter, 2018

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