Sonic Movie Writer Says “Everybody Relax”

The teaser poster for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie didn’t exactly go down well with fans and casual observers. Trying to make Sonic look more realistic was always going to be a tricky job for whoever is at the helm. The writer for the movie has piped up on Twitter and has said that everybody needs to relax about the movie.


  1. OK wow, that’s the best reaction to the fan reaction that I’ve ever seen.
    Hopefully we have some intelligent people at Paramount who are looking at this honestly and are trying to tell us it really isn’t *that* bad.

  2. Telling people on the internet to relax isn’t gonna make your shitty design for an iconic video game character any better, bro. Just to think Jim Carrey is Eggman too. I think Detective Pikachu actually has better potential …

  3. Asking us to relax without showing us anything to relax with.

    Upsetting folks and then telling them to relax with nothing to show but the thing that upset them isn’t how it works. Unless you’re running an illegal extortion business.

  4. I’m magically looking forward to seeing this cool realistic adaptation of Sonic. And its all because he told me to relax, it made me take a deep breath and do an unrealistic 180 on my opinion of this approach to the movie… >_>

    1. if that what you think then you’re a dumbass because you don’t care how sonic looks in the movie. most sonic fans like sonic to be how he looks like in the videogames so for them (and me) is very awful to see that sonic will look more like a human.

      1. @lego293 relaxing really makes the movie look good. Relaxing is good in general tbh. You should try it too before your high blood pressure kills you.

  5. why are paramount telling us to relax. they deserve the backlash for making sonic looks less like inn the videogames and more like a human. that it’s not how sega would have done it. I hope they never get to make another sonic movie like this one.

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